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Michael Wrubel Endorses BlockDAG’s 30,000x ROI Potential

Influencer Michael Wrubel Highlights BlockDAG’s 30,000x ROI Potential Amid Dogecoin’s Rise & Ethereum Classic’s Halving

Michael Wrubel, a well-known crypto influencer, has recently endorsed BlockDAG (BDAG), drawing significant attention in the crypto community. Celebrating its listing on CoinMarketCap with a spectacular display at Piccadilly Circus, BlockDAG has emerged as a top altcoin investment, thanks to its impressive presale success and cutting-edge technology. 

The native BDAG coin has tripled in value during the presale, raising $27.7 million by selling 9.2 billion coins in just under 13 batches. With forecasts suggesting a 30,000x ROI, BlockDAG is attracting investors from Dogecoin and Ethereum Classic, eager for the next big opportunity.

Dogecoin’s Market Sentiment and Whale Activity

Dogecoin (DOGE) has seen a recent increase in on-chain activity, indicating a bullish trend. Data from IntoTheBlock reveals that Dogecoin’s Large Holders’ Netflow shifted from negative to 386 million DOGE. This metric tracks whale and investor activity, showing strong accumulation by major players and suggesting positive market sentiment.

Dogecoin’s large holders have seen increased inflows, while outflows have significantly decreased, hinting at potential parabolic growth soon. This uptick in activity by influential entities underscores Dogecoin’s growing market strength and potential for further price increases.

Ethereum Classic: Halving Event and Market Trends

Since December 2023, Ethereum Classic (ETC) has been on an upward trajectory, fueled by investor confidence, increased buying pressure, and the anticipation of its fourth halving event on May 31, 2024. Over the past six months, Ethereum Classic’s On-Balance-Volume (OBV) has shown consistent buying pressure, indicating strong market dominance by bulls.

With the upcoming halving event, analysts predict continued price increases. Additionally, Ethereum Classic holders are diversifying their portfolios, looking towards new presale opportunities like BlockDAG, which promises significant returns. This trend highlights the dynamic nature of crypto investments, where investors are always on the lookout for the next big opportunity.

BlockDAG’s Global Recognition: Influencer Endorsements and Piccadilly Circus Display

BlockDAG has gained global recognition, particularly following its prominent display at Piccadilly Circus in London. This event marked a significant milestone in BlockDAG’s marketing efforts, boosting its visibility and market dominance. Influencer Michael Wrubel’s endorsement further elevates BlockDAG’s profile. In a recent video, Wrubel emphasized the immense potential of new tier-one projects launched during bull markets, highlighting BlockDAG’s innovative approach and promising future.

BlockDAG’s presale has been a massive success, with the price of BDAG increasing threefold since the presale began. Currently in its early stages, the presale consists of 45 stages, with each stage witnessing a price surge. BlockDAG has raised $27.7 million from selling 9.2 billion BDAG coins and an additional $2.5 million from selling over 5700 miners. The project is poised to offer significant returns, with predictions suggesting the token could reach $10 per coin by mid-2025.

Wrubel’s endorsement underscores BlockDAG’s 30,000x ROI potential. He noted, “Investing in new tier-one projects launched during bull markets usually provides the best ROI. BlockDAG, with its strong team and major developments, is an undervalued gem in the crypto space.” Wrubel also praised the project’s innovative solutions like the Block DAG payment card and a Proof of Engagement mobile application, ensuring a comprehensive ecosystem for its users.


BlockDAG (BDAG) is rapidly emerging as a major player in the cryptocurrency market. Endorsed by crypto influencer Michael Wrubel and featured at Piccadilly Circus, the project has already raised $27.7 million, showcasing its strong growth potential. Investors from various segments, including Dogecoin and Ethereum Classic communities, are taking notice. 

BlockDAG’s presale success and future prospects make it one of the top altcoins to invest in today. For those seeking substantial returns and innovative crypto solutions, BlockDAG presents a compelling investment opportunity with a potential 30,000x ROI.

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