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NEAR Protocol and Injective Lose Steam As Raboo Presale Woos AI Crypto Investors

With much of the crypto and NFTs market in a downturn, NEAR Protocol and Injective are losing steam as investors seek other, newer cryptos to gain the biggest returns. AI crypto Raboo is reaping the rewards, and with its presale still in its early days, more than $1m raised it has already exceeded expectations. What’s next for all three cryptos?

NEAR Protocol

NEAR Protocol, a layer-one blockchain, is designed to address common limitations faced by its competitors, such as low transaction speeds, throughput, and interoperability. As a community-run cloud computing platform, NEAR Protocol provides an optimal environment for dApps and NFTs

In recent times, the NEAR Protocol price has reversed, but despite this, the price is still up 60% YTD. This demonstrates resilience and potential for growth for NEAR Protocol amid a volatile market and competition from newer AI crypto tokens.

Injective Protocol 

Injective is a cutting-edge blockchain designed specifically for finance. It offers a versatile platform for DeFi applications such as decentralized spot and derivatives exchanges, prediction markets, and lending protocols. 

Built with the Cosmos SDK and utilizing a Tendermint-based Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism, Injective achieves instant transaction finality and supports a high throughput of over 10,000 transactions per second. 

Despite these robust features and backing by major investors, Injective‘s price has recently lost momentum, declining by 10% in the last seven days, but once the market rebounds, one should expect to see the Injective price do the same.

AI crypto meme coin Raboo presale exceeds expectations

Raboo is gaining plenty of traction in the crypto space, particularly among AI crypto investors who are drawn to the latest, advanced technology. With a powerful integration of artificial intelligence, Raboo enhances meme generation, providing users with tools to create engaging and high-quality content. 

This AI-driven approach not only enriches the user experience but also ensures that content resonates widely across the Raboo platform. Capitalizing on the burgeoning trends of SocialFi and MemeFi, Raboo creates a unique environment where community engagement is directly linked to financial rewards.

This feature is available to users already, even during the presale, which has already raised over $1 million, demonstrating strong market trust and potential. This impressive financial milestone reflects the enthusiasm of a large community that includes over 5,000 registered members and 1,800 token holders. 

Analysts are optimistic about Raboo’s future, predicting a surge of up to 100% in the $RABT token price once it lists on major exchanges, which would be typical of a new altcoin, especially one that utilizes memes and AI crypto tech.


NEAR Protocol and Injective are both interesting cryptos. One for NFTs and the other for the financial world, and they have both taken a beating recently. Both are down about 15% over the last seven days, but can they bounce back? There’s plenty of competition, but once the bull market resumes, investors should see their prices bounce.

Raboo is a new AI crypto enthused with meme culture, and its presale is soaring even in its early days. Already, with over $1m raised, there are high expectations, especially after it launches. With a growing community already, analyst predictions of 100% are well within reach.

You can participate in the Raboo presale here.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release. Please do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any projects. Read the full disclosure here.

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