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NFT2METAVERSE Launches NFT Marketplace for Designers

The Metaverse and NFTs are two concepts in cryptocurrency which offer incredible synergy. The Metaverse is a digital environment that provides an engaging experience for users to immerse themselves in a virtual world. NFTs provide genuine ownership of digital assets, which can be integrated into various aspects of the Metaverse to provide utility and a functional economy. Today, we look at NFT2Metaverse, the NFT marketplace of the Metaverse. NFT2Metaverse will enable designers to sell their digital art in the Metaverse by utilizing the platform as a service. Let’s take a deeper dive into NFT2Metaverse and explore the various aspects of the project.

What Is NFT2Metaverse?

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NFT2Metaverse is a Dutch NFT project that describes itself as the Metaverse marketplace. The project will place its native NFT marketplace in various Metaverses to attract a large audience of designers, traders, and fans, to create a robust ecosystem via its platform. The project aims to tackle the two largest Metaverses, then expand to other virtual worlds.

As sellers on the platform, users could provide a range of digital products in the NFT2Metaverse ecosystem. Users can purchase unique NFTs with utility in the respective Metaverse as consumers. Some examples of the type of NFTs that users will be able to find on the NFT2Metaverse marketplace include accessories, clothing, avatar items, etc.

According to the NFT2Metaverse Whitepaper, the project’s mission is:

“To support the rapidly growing Metaverse with our tool – the platform. We will do everything in our power to become the OpenSea of the Metaverse.”

The project aims to make it easy for designers to publish their digital art on the marketplace and gain exposure to their products. The NFT2Metaverse platform is looking to perform all the heavy lifting for designers when setting up smart contracts, minting, listing, transferring the products to consumers, etc.

NFT2Metaverse Economy & Profit Sharing


NFT2Metaverse will feature two primary income streams. The first is a subscription for designers, who will pay a monthly fee to use the marketplace. The second is revenue from transaction fees on the platform. 10% of every transaction on the platform will go to the N2M treasury.

One unique aspect of the NFT2Metaverse economy is its profit-sharing model. The marketplace will payout 40% of its monthly profits to NFT holders, incentivizing users to hold NFTs and enabling them to earn significant rewards. The profit-sharing model is perfect for those users looking to earn passive income from NFTs.

In addition, NFT hodlers will enjoy exclusive benefits from future partners and collaborations that the project will offer. Users will enjoy free giveaways, whitelist placement, and discounts on future collections.

NFT2Metaverse Private Sale and Presale


There are a total of 5999 NFTs available for the PreSale. While the Private Sale has sold out, the PreSale is scheduled for June 10th, 2022.

Users will be able to mint NFTs via Ethereum for 0.15 ETH (roughly $268). Users can purchase a maximum of 50 NFTs. To join the whitelist, interested participants can navigate to the official website, submit their wallet and email address, and the number of NFTs they might buy.

NFT2Metaverse Additional Information and Partners

So far, NFT2Metaverse has managed to secure several partners for its NFT release, including, NFTevening,, and

According to Roadmap 2.0 of the project, The reveal of the NFTs will occur on OpenSea after the public sale. In addition, rarity integration is scheduled for Q2 2022.

Later in the year, another NFT collection is scheduled to drop in Q3 2022 with 5000 NFTs. There will be a presale of 2000 NFTs with the public sale of 3000 NFTs, followed by an OpenSea reveal and rarity integration.

The final NFT collection for NFT2Metaverse is scheduled to drop in Q4 2022 with only 2500 items. 1000 NFTs will be sold during the private sale, and 1500 will be sold in the public sale.

In Q1 2023, NFT2Metaverse will start expanding its ecosystem and building the platform as a Service (PaaS). It will also purchase LAND in The Sandbox, Decentraland, and Bloktopia, building its Marketplace and Embassy in the three Metaverses.

In addition, in Q1 2023, the team will test its public Metaverse integration and connect multiple Metaverse projects, onboarding 10000 designers and launching the marketplace.


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Disclosure: This is a sponsored article. Please do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or NFT.

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