NullTX Novel Coronavirus Recap

Novel Coronavirus in the US: Kansas Schools Remain Closed This School Year

Finding ample and viable solutions to thwart the novel coronavirus outbreak is no easy feat. In the United States, the death toll keeps rising and more cities continue to go dark.

Even the Las Vegas Strip is now completely dark during these troublesome times.

Novel Coronavirus Countermeasures Increase

That was to be expected, now that the US death toll is rapidly approaching 125.

It is evident that this is not the latest development regarding the novel coronavirus. 

Despite facing millions of layoffs and furloughs, there will be some stimulus packages to keep the domestic economy afloat.

That doesn’t necessarily solve the current situation, but it is welcome news regardless.

Across the nation, extra countermeasures are being taken in various states.

Kansas schools will not reopen for in-person teaching this school year.

A similar concept is being considered in California, albeit that one has yet to be approved.

Perhaps the most worrisome development comes in the form of a warning by health care experts.

They are concerned about a potential ventilator shortage for patients with lung problems.

A similar problem is occurring in various European countries, such as Italy.

Preparing for the worst case scenario is no unnecessary luxury right now.

The novel coronavirus crisis has yet to begin taking shape, and will yield unexpected consequences.

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