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Oryen ICO investors are up by 110%, signaling interest by Dash2Trade and Dogecoin holders

Oryen’s ICO price during its first presale was $0.05, and it will be $0.11 once presale phase three starts thus skyrocketing the Oryen ICO by 110%.

The incredible growth of Oryen ICO brought some relief to its investors as their investments – $ORY token, generated massive returns. Analysts are paying particular attention to the ICO as they believe it has the potential to test further new highs. Users and business communities share the same market sentiment toward the Oryen ICO.

Various projects that have received gains in their presales are also paying attention and signaling interest. D2T and DOGE holders are impressed by the recent growth in Oryen ICO, as they seek to diversify their portfolios.

Investors are up – 110% on Oryen ICO

In mere days of the Oryen ICO presale, its investors are up by 110%. The Oryen network commenced its second round presale, with investors moving in to secure their profits. With less than two days to end, the second round of presales has maintained an offer value of $0.1 following its gains from $0.05 in its first round.

The price predictions of the $ORY token are based on undeniable proof concerning its objective. The Oryen network is set on changing the DeFi space by providing the highest annual-percentage-yield (APY) through a compounding interest system. To support its holders, the network distributes daily rebase rewards directly to their wallets every 60 minutes provided that they keep their $ORY token in their wallets.

Oryen ICO comes with a funding wallet reserve to help generate more liquidity in its ecosystem. This is very beneficial in times of sharp market sell-offs. To keep things afloat for its users the reserve wallets serve as a “backup defi bank”.

Price gains on Oryren ICO – Interest among D2T and DOGE holders

As investors bag their gains on Oryen ICO, other projects are watching closely, hinting interest due to its recent growth. They believe that the Oryen token ($ORY) has potential and offers the possibility of having multiple holdings with unlimited compounding interest.

On the other hand, the sentiment is shared among the Dash2Trade (D2T) and Dogecoin (DOGE) holders. DOGE is a very known token in the crypto space having amassed user support and of course Elon Musk as its main face. Over time, the asset has lost over 55% due to various reasons – economic factors, price fluctuations, etc. It is no surprise that the DOGE holders will be looking to diversify their holdings.

D2T holders are following suit by showing signs of interest in the benefits the Oryen ICO offers. The Dash2Trade platform is a crypto-analytical trading platform that educates traders on how to make market decisions. The platform also offers market sentiment analysis and information on new tokens and trending projects. With the significant growth seen in Oryen ICO, there’s a chance of the $ORY token being listed on the platform.


  • Oryen ICO investors are up 110% in less than days after its first round of presales.
  • The recent price gains on Oryen ICO stir Interest among D2T and DOGE holders.

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