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Oryen Network Fundamentals Convince Large Fantom And Multichain Holders To Invest

As Oryen Network (ORY) continues to grow and gain recognition in the cryptocurrency community, more investors have started observing the project. The protocol’s unique and promising fundamentals have even convinced some Fantom (FTM) and Multichain (MULTI) holders to migrate over and invest. What should you know about these three?

Oryen Network (ORY)

Oryen Network (ORY) is a novel BSC-developed protocol that offers auto-staking services.

OAT, or Oryen Autostaking Technic, is a smart contract-based system that provides staking (rebasing) payouts for holders every hour, meaning investors’ holdings increase by 0.00733% every 60 minutes.

Rebasing occurs 24 times daily, giving us a steady 90% return rate over a year.

According to the website, 40 million $ORY tokens are currently available, 25 million of which are open for presale. However, since ORY is a rebase token with an elastic supply, the number of tokens in circulation may rise or decrease depending on the price once the project hits the exchanges.

Oryen uses a positive rebasing algorithm supported by Risk-Free Value wallets and buy-and-sell fees to maintain the progressive value of each ORY token and guarantee rebasing rewards for investors.

The presale is already live, offering users generous bonuses and referral programs. Oryen’s exciting fundamentals have persuaded investors all around to rush to the ICO phase and grab $ORY at its lowest possible price.

Fantom (FTM)

Fantom (FTM), founded in early 2018, was designed to overcome the problems like slow and expensive transactions of previous blockchain systems – Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Fantom is a DAG-based Level 1 smart-contracting platform, with FTM being its governance token.

Because the Fantom network uses a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) rather than a blockchain, each node has numerous connections and may undergo simultaneous validation. As a result, the consumer experiences almost instantaneous transaction speed and exceptionally reduced transaction costs.

Multichain (MULTI)

Multichain (MULTI) is an open-source technology that enables applications and protocols to connect to multiple blockchains, making data from both chains interoperable.

In July 2020, Multichain was released under the name Anyswap. The project’s purpose is to provide greater interoperability to the fragmented market and to encourage more DeFi adoption. The network’s adaptability and cheap cost have contributed to its popularity.

Previously, its native token was ANY. However, after a rebranding, MULTI became the central utility and governance token for the Multichain network. MULTI holders can also stake their assets on the Fusion chain and earn passive returns.

The Bottom Line

Fantom and Multichain have come with strong community support and excellent performances. However, newcomer Oryen seems to offer better alternatives when it comes to wealth generation. Automated staking with a permanent 90% APY appears to be a tempting proposition to many, particularly in light of the turbulent market conditions that have spooked so many assets.

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