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Oryen Network latest 200% price move makes it one of the best Passive Income tokens alongside CAKE and Waves

You should absolutely check out Oryen if you’re looking for a fantastic way to get some passive income. Unlike WAVES and CAKE, ORY provides a fixed 90% APY, making it a perfect choice for investors wishing to boost their overall portfolio.

Pancakeswap (CAKE)

One of the largest initiatives on the Binance Smart Chain, is pancakeswap. Trading CAKE, the native tokens of the DEX, is one of the ways users of Pancakeswap may get income. Staking allows owners of the token CAKE to generate a passive income.

Stacking in Pancakeswap has a number of concerns. The fact that the APY is not fixed means that it can fall as low as 1%. This might have a major negative impact on your profitability over time. Even worse, the price of CAKE may drop drastically. There is no mechanism to prevent the value decline of CAKE because it is a requirement for both staking procedures on the DEX.

Oryen Network (ORY)

The Oryen Network offers a different alternative. The protocol has a built-in token termed ORY. It is simple to assess your earnings over a long period of time when you stake ORY because you are given a fixed APY of 90%.

The fact that the tokens are increasing in value is another reason to invest in ORY. With CAKE, the APY occasionally may be high, but the underlying value might decline. As a result, you can obtain a large number of tokens with little actual value. This is why ORY is considered among the best DeFi coins to buy now.

Recently, the price of ORY tokens increased by 200%. This indicates that after you get these tokens, their value will only increase.

Waves (WAVES)

Users may create and launch their own cryptocurrency using the Waves blockchain. With Waves, it is possible to create and trade cryptocurrency tokens without having to design complicated smart contracts. Instead, programs running under Waves user accounts create and manage tokens. Waves, however has had overly fluctuating prices recently.


Although WAVES and CAKE are known for giving their holders passive income, many crypto analysts believe that Oryen will surpass them owing to its distinct tokenomics. Holders of Oryen tokens get a 90% annual percentage yield (APY) by just holding them. That’s a fantastic return on investment (ROI), and it’s an excellent way to get some additional revenue without putting in a lot of work.

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