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Oryen Network Making Incredible Gains, Will It Surpass FTT Or Solana?

The crypto market has been doing poorly for much of 2022. Thus far, it has been a terrible year for crypto investors in some projects. An excellent example of these projects is FTT and Solana. In November 2022, the price of SOL, the native token of Solana, continued to drop. Recently, it has fallen by as much as 55%% in one day.

Despite the dip in the price of SOL, experts expect that SOL will eventually make gains. One reason for this is that the developer team behind Solana has been quite active. Recently, they launched a DApp store for DApps developed on the Solana blockchain. The store promises to eliminate charges and fees to use it. It is expected to go live in January 2023. In another development, the team revealed a partnership with Google Cloud.

The Solana team also recently revealed plans to launch a smartphone. These smartphones are expected to focus heavily on crypto and blockchain. Potential buyers can place preorders, which will be fulfilled starting in 2023. With so many positive developments around Solana, no wonder there is such massive interest in the future of SOL.

Another token in the red recently is FTT, the native token of the FTX exchange. It has taken an incredible hit since it was announced that the exchange had become insolvent.

For now, believers in FTT and SOL will have to wait out the winter for the bear run to end. Once that happens, it could turn their fortunes around.

Oryen Network Makes Gains

FTT and SOL holders are currently counting losses. However, that does not have to be the case. There are still opportunities to turn a profit in these challenging times. An excellent example is the $ORY tokens of the Oryen Networks.

Those who got in early have seen massive gains in just a short while. Shortly after their launch in the presale stage, the $ORY tokens experienced a price jump of 110%. This is an incredible result that proves Oryen Network is one of the best cryptos to buy right now.

However, investors who had a chance to read the whitepaper were convinced of its potential and got in early. They are all smiles as they watch their gains pile up. While these gains may be huge, there is room for more. Keep in mind that the Oryen Network protocol has yet to be launched. When it does launch, it will shake the foundation of DeFi and staking.

Oryen Network Uniqueness

The Oryen Network protocol comes with a new staking protocol that gives investors a fixed APY of 90%. That is the highest fixed APY of any protocol in the crypto-staking market. After it goes live, it will cause many crypto investors to abandon their investments in other staking protocols. They will sign up for the Oryen Network to enjoy incredible speed, security, fast payouts, and high fixed APY.


Oryen Network is an excellent opportunity for FTT and Solana’s investors seeking to reverse losses now. It is open to everyone who believes in a better tomorrow.

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