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Oryen Network (ORY) Presale Live, Likely To Generate 15X Gains, Polygon (MATIC) Holders Want Cross-Chain

The Oryen Network is an upcoming project that will revolutionize the DeFi space. At the core of this project is the Oryen Autostaking Technic (OAT), which is designed to make staking easy, and give ORY token holders huge, stable returns for their investment.

How OAT Works

Holders of ORY tokens benefit from a unique staking and compounding architecture via OAT. They stand to earn the highest fixed APY in the DeFi space at 90%, with a daily ROI of 0.177%. The Oryen Network developers aim to create benefits and value for holders of $ORY tokens. Some of these benefits are:

Easy and safe staking, with autostaking, supported directly from the ORY crypto wallet. Holders of the tokens do not need to move them to a centrally controlled smart contract. From the minute they buy ORY tokens, the staking process begins automatically, and rewards will start being given out.

Another benefit is the speed at which rebase rewards are paid. Within the DeFi sector, most protocols pay rebasing rewards once every 8 hours. That limits when holders of these tokens can unstake them. They have to time their unstaking to ensure they get the most rewards. With OAT, there is no such restriction. Rewards are paid every 60 minutes per 34 hours. It is thus the fastest autostaking protocol in the world.

How Staking Works on the Oryen Network

OAT Autostake makes staking quite simple. Staking is via a Buy-Hold-Earn model, where ORY token holders enjoy the most benefits for the least effort. Users simply buy $ORY tokens and earn rebase rewards from them. They will watch their tokens grow every 60 minutes.

The Role of Treasury in the Oryen Network

The Treasury is an important component of the Oryen Network. It serves as an additional financial support layer for RFV. The support is important in case ORY tokens experience a price drop. It also helps to create a floor value for ORY tokens. The Treasury will also fund new products for the Oryen Network, services, and projects to expand OAT protocol use cases. I also provide the funding for Oryen Network marketing.

RFV or Risk-Free Value means that the ORY tokens have their value protected. It is an important element of the OAT protocol. The developer team designed RFV to support and stabilize the liquidity pool. It is a wallet where funds are stored to maintain the floor value of ORY tokens. RFV is an important element. In case of a sharp sell-off that could drain the liquidity pool, its goal is to ensure that this will never happen.

Polygon (MATIC) Holder Demand Cross-Chain Bridge

Various estimates show that ORY tokens could grow by 15X after the platform goes live. Everyone wants to be part of this awesome project. With the Oryen Network looking promising, Polygon Network’s MATIC holders are demanding developers create an Oryen Network bridge. Soon, the developers could announce an exciting development due to pressure from the community.


The ORY tokens are still in the presale. They offer an exciting opportunity during these tough times in the crypto world. Get some ORY tokens to be part of an exciting ecosystem.

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