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Oryen Network Presale Live – Can ORY Compete With Polygon and Dogecoin?

Early investors in Oryen have already seen a 400% return on their investment, and the eighth phase of the ICO has just begun, and the presale is live. Such gains are unsustainable in a bear market for many other cryptocurrencies, such as Polygon and Dogecoin. As a result, investors in these two currencies started buying ORY.

Oryen (ORY)

ORY’s price had increased 400% since Phase 1, when it was worth $0.05, to its current price of $0.25, making this the 8th phase of its life cycle. Moreover, the next round is anticipated to increase it by 500%. Thus, prospective ICO purchasers share an equal opportunity to profit from the coming pre-sale rounds.

It is because Oryen Autostaking Technic (OAT) does away with the need for human interaction, which is one of the things that may deter potential new crypto investors. In addition, a treasury backed by RFV is in place to protect the ORY floor price in the event of an unexpected event. As a result, Oryen’s innovative Autostaking Technology (OAT) is the first in cryptocurrency.

The daily return on investment for Oryen is 0.177%, with a fixed APY of 90% per year. The return on investment for most digital currencies is lower. However, Oryen’s fantastic staking mechanism makes both investing and profiting easier.

Due to ORY’s superior returns and innovative features, many Polygon and Dogecoin investors have begun diversifying their portfolios into the Oryen Network. ORY has been named by Business2community and The DeFi Guys as one of the best DeFi coins to invest in for 2022.


In 2019, a layer-2 scaling solution called Polygon was developed to address Ethereum’s inefficient transaction times, low throughput rates, and high gas costs. Polygon was formerly known as the MATIC network. This year, with the increase in popularity of Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs), its native token, MATIC, was introduced on the Binance Launchpad. Many MATIC investors have begun purchasing ORY due to its steady growth and numerous attractive features.


Dogecoin’s utilization of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network spread cryptocurrency to millions and made its early adopters wealthy beyond imagination. DOGE also has a smaller carbon footprint than other currencies, which has led to a rise in its popularity. Regrettably for DOGE investors, serious problems plagued their holdings. That’s why they banked on ORY: it’s a platform that prioritizes its users’ financial security above all else by never risking their money and always rewarding them handsomely.


Oryen’s initial coin offering (ICO) is appealing because it offers investors a high rate of return. Since Oryen Ico has many redeeming qualities, we anticipate its future growth. As a result of ORY’s distinctive potential in the cryptocurrency industry, experts predict it will soon reach new highs.

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