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Oryen Network registers an increased influx of Fantom, Elrond and Decentraland Whales after 250% Price Jump during ICO

Keeping up with the ongoing projects and their respective token values can be a hassle for investors. Early investors in Oryen have already reaped impressive 250% returns, even though the ICO phase is still in its start. While ORY has been successfully surviving the bear market, many other cryptocurrencies, such as Fantom, Elrond, and Decentraland, have not.

Oryen (ORY)

The price of ORY has increased from $0.05 in the first pre-sale phase to $0.175 in the sixth pre-sale phase. Darryl Boo is an expert on cryptocurrencies and declares that the people who made Oryen made an interesting protocol with good ways to keep the money. He stated that people who make cryptocurrencies are holding on to Oryen because of its skyrocketing price.

Below is a table that summarises ORY’s performance and future expectations.

Presale Phase Date Price Increase ORY Price Purchase Bonus
Presale 5 23 Nov — 02 Dec 200% $0.15 7%
Presale 6 02 Dec — 09 Dec 250% $0.175 5%
Presale 7 09 Dec — 16 Dec 320% $0.21 5%
Presale 8 16 Dec — 23 Dec 400% $0.25 5%
Presale 9 23 Dec — 27 Dec 500% $0.3 0%


Regarding staking, the Oryen Autostaking Technic (OAT) is the only one of its kind in the cryptocurrency world. It has an automated staking system that is easy to understand and guarantees a constant APY of 90%.

SolidProof has gone through and checked each Oryen smart contract. Oryen has a low starting price of $0.35, no vesting, and is airdropped directly to holders’ wallets. It ensures that everyone who contributes to an ICO has the same chance to make money during the presale phase of the token sale.


Blockchain networks like Fantom were developed to serve as Ethereum substitutes by providing decentralized, permissionless, open-source contract platforms for dApps and digital assets. Fantom goes down in the bear market and is not stable.


The cryptocurrency Elrond (EGLD) is built on blockchain technology that can process transactions gradually. Elrond allows for decentralized applications to be made with the help of smart contracts and uses the EGLD token, which is called eGold.

In contrast to ORY, whose price has gone up despite the bear market, Elrond is one of the coins that won’t survive the ongoing recession. Because of Oryen’s reliability, many Elrond holders have switched to ORY.


Decentraland is an application built on Ethereum whose goal is to pay its community of users for managing a centralized online space. In Decentraland, you can buy and sell virtual property, and the platform also lets you meet new people, play games, and go on adventures. When the price of ORY went up amazingly by 250%, Investors of Decentraland became interested in it. FTX severely damaged Decentraland’s stability, and investors, as a result, rejected it and turned to ORY.

Closing Thoughts

Oryen could develop into a compelling currency. The 250% ROI it provided its early backers proves the network’s success and the value it plans to bring to the industry. ORY is a cryptocurrency worth considering for any investor due to its cutting-edge technology and competent team.

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