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Oryen Network Will Be Huge In The Crypto Space, Bigger Than Maker Or Convex

If your portfolio is still reeling from FTX’s collapse, you’re not alone. And these market conditions might make you think twice about investing in a new project you’ve probably never heard of. But missing out on ORY at pre-sale prices could be a mistake: it’s going to be huge. At a time when bullish potential has become a lot harder to find, investors are flocking to Oryen Network en masse. With true break-out star potential, ORY could be the future not just for crypto: but for the entire investment world.

Finding this sort of pre-sale potential is rare, especially when wider market conditions are far from perfect. But the range of features and scope ORY offers early investors are hard to match. It’s already one of the must-have picks for your portfolio by industry experts like Steven Clarke, and there’s still time to invest before it finishes pre-sale and launches into the stratosphere. Here’s why many think it could easily surpass other altcoins like Maker or Convex:

Oryen Network (ORY) could be the next big thing in crypto

Experts are already singing the praises of ORY, and it continues to surge during pre-sale. But you haven’t missed your chance to enjoy future price gains, as this is just the start for Oryen Network. With the revolutionary Oryen Autostaking Technic (ORY), incredible passive income rewards are paid out hourly straight into holders’ wallets. This completely simplifies the DeFi passive income space and removes major barriers to entry for those who might have been hesitant to enter the market because they don’t understand or want to manage things like staking. With ORY, everything is taken care of for you. Simply sit back and hold to start enjoying a whopping 90% APY that compounds rapidly over time from fast and secure hourly rebase rewards. That’s the easiest and most profitable reward model ever: with ORY.

Maker (MKR) could soon be surpassed in the charts

With the goal of creating a completely unbiased global financial system with its decentralized stablecoin, Maker rose to prominence in the crypto world over a year ago. But just like many other crypto projects right now, recent prices have struggled to keep up with its lofty ambitions, and some are questioning whether it can reclaim its earlier glory. It could soon be surpassed by cryptos with much bigger potential, like ORY.

Convex (CVX) investors start to look elsewhere

Convex sits on the Ethereum blockchain and supports Curve Finance by offering investors increased CRV rewards in an easy-to-use interface. It’s an important part of the Curve Finance ecosystem and could be part of the next generation of the crypto landscape, but investors have started questioning its potential to compete with newcomers like ORY in the altcoin charts. That’s why many CVX holders are deciding they’d rather have their funds in Oryen.


CVX and MKR might be able to reclaim their former highs over the next few months if the market manages to steer out of the current bear run, but you don’t need to wait until then to start making gains with Oryen (ORY). It’s got everything needed to thrive right now, no matter what’s happening in the wider crypto world. Consider investing immediately before its pre-sale ends and it surges even higher in price.

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