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Paxos Expands to Solana, Sui Passes $200M in TVL, Pushd To Revolutionize the E-Commerce Sector

The cryptocurrency sector remains hot, with notable developments emerging daily. For instance, Paxos is venturing into Solana (SOL), Sui (SUI) is marking a milestone by surpassing the $200M mark in TVL, and Pushd has transformative potential in the e-commerce sector. While you may be familiar with SOL and SUI, Pushd is an upcoming game-changer currently in Stage 1 of its presale. Experts predict a surge of 30x on its launch day. Let’s find out why below; 

Solana (SOL): Paxos Expansion Opens a New Chapter

Paxos has recently made headlines with its expansion into the Solana (SOL) blockchain. According to the statement, Paxos will use Solana’s high-performance architecture and intends to introduce the USDP stablecoin to the public by mid-January 2024. After this news, the SOL value increased from $90.93 on December 22 to $114.14 on December 26. 

From a technical perspective, this bullish trend may continue for Solana. In other words, there are 27 technical indicators in the green. Moreover, its Fear & Greed index rating shows a 71 (Greed) – good bullish signs. 

Due to all these reasons, market analysts from CoinCodex are confident that Solana will trade close to $135 before the end of February 2024. 

Sui (SUI): TVL Surpasses $200M 

Meanwhile, Sui (SUI) has achieved a significant milestone by surpassing $200M in TVL. This achievement shows a 500% growth in TVL since September for Sui. Crypto enthusiasts are more interested in Sui’s offerings and innovative DeFi solutions.

The Sui value has mirrored this growth, jumping from $0.62 on November 26 to $0.83 on December 26. Additionally, Sui recorded 17/30 (57%) green trading days with 6.51% price volatility over the last month alone. 

Experts in the crypto field have taken note of all these factors as they forecast the Sui crypto to be trading at $0.98 in February 2024. 

Pushd: Revolutionary Role in E-commerce

Pushd will emerge as the world’s first blockchain-based online marketplace. With blockchain technology in its corner, Pushd has the potential to revolutionize the e-commerce sector as it solves all issues that currently affect this industry. 

For example, traditional e-commerce platforms like eBay or Amazon often incur large trading fees for vendors and sellers. However, the decentralized nature of Pushd will allow them to lower these fees drastically. Ultimately, this model will help Pushd place more funds into the platform’s development – benefiting all parties involved. 

The Pushd buyers token is the key to making purchases on this marketplace. Holding this native token will bring you governance voting rights, passive income via staking, and more. One Pushd token costs only $0.01 as it is in Stage 1 of its presale. Those who buy the Pushd token during this period will also receive early access to the platform and priority support, which are excellent benefits.

Many experts foresee its value rising by 200% before its presale ends and another 3,000% after it hits exchanges. Additionally, the Pushd team has announced it will burn tokens every three months for the first three years, which means outstanding growth for long-term token holders. If you wish to capitalize on this growth, sign up for the Pushd presale


The expansion of Paxos into Solana, Sui’s TVL milestone, and Pushd’s entry into e-commerce show the dynamic nature of the crypto market. However, while SOL and SUI may see some growth, their high market caps of $48.9B and $857M mean they will face challenges. Pushd will not have this issue as it has a low market cap of $2.5M. In other words, it would only need $2.5M for its value and returns to double. 

Thanks to its ties to the lucrative online retail and e-commerce industry, which may cross $6T in market value in 2024, we believe Pushd is the crypto to check out. 

For more information about the ongoing PushD (PUSHD) Presale, please visit their website.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release. Please do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any projects. Read the full disclosure here.

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