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Pepe (PEPE) does social work as Arbitrum (ARB) unlocks tokens; Algotech (ALGT) surpasses $2.5 million in presale

  • Pepe (PEPE) will offer funds for the conservation of frogs and their habitat.
  • Arbitrum (ARB) has unlocked the tokens vetted since February 2023.
  • Algotech (ALGT) presale has raised more than $2.5 million in two stages.

Are you willing to invest in the crypto market but unable to find the right project? Algotech (ALGT) can be the best shot. This new project has shown tremendous growth during its ongoing presale. In this article, we will focus on Pepe (PEPE), Arbitrum (ARB), and Algotech, and find out what makes ALGT tokens so popular.

Pepe (PEPE) donates more than $42,000

The broader market conditions have turned frosty for Pepe, as the value of PEPE has plunged quickly. In the past seven days, the market value of Pepe (PEPE) has tumbled by 24%. Consequently, the current trading price of Pepe (PEPE) stands at $0.00000677. This is most likely due to investors’ declining interest in Pepe (PEPE).

Besides, the latest on-chain data suggest that the social engagement of Pepe (PEPE) has also fallen. However, to improve its social metrics, Pepe (PEPE) has donated over $42,000 to Save The Frogs charity. Under this, Pepe (PEPE) would offer funds to scientific research across the globe.

Arbitrum (ARB) unlocks 1.1 billion tokens

The Arbitrum network has recently unlocked 1.1 billion ARB tokens worth about $2.1 billion. Notably, this large-scale token unlocking by Arbitrum (ARB) is one of the biggest such events in 2024. The Arbitrum (ARB) network has distributed the unlocked tokens among its team members, and early investors.

However, many experts feel that this development may have a bearish impact on the price of Arbitrum (ARB). These Arbitrum (ARB) tokens were locked since February 2023, and now their holders can freely sell them on the market. The recent price trajectory of Arbitrum (ARB) also shows a negative outlook.

At the time of writing, Arbitrum (ARB) is changing hands at $2.13, down by 25% on the weekly price chart.

Algotech (ALGT) presale results in crypto boom

Traditional manual trading methods are expensive, less accurate, and prone to emotional biases. They affect the profitability of your trades. Algotech (ALGT) aims to revolutionize this industry with its disruptive algorithmic trading platform. On Algotech (ALGT), you can make more profitable trades at a significantly lower cost.

Algotech (ALGT) will soon launch a novel trading platform powered by advanced algorithms. Notably, the algorithmic trading industry is booming. As per reports, the size of the algo trading market can reach $27 billion by 2032. Hence, Algotech (ALGT) is in the driver’s seat.

Algotech (ALGT) uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to craft profitable trading strategies. It will maximize your profits while minimizing risk. Traders will also get advanced order types, and a user-friendly interface.

Do you wish to trade multiple cryptocurrencies? No problem! Algotech (ALGT) plans to partner with top exchanges to offer a wide range of trading pairs. Its native token, ALGT, comes with a host of benefits for holders.

Presale ALGT investors get an opportunity to enter a lucky draw to win amazing prizes. You can win the latest Apple Watches, and two VIP tickets to a live blockchain event in Dubai. Besides, token owners will also be able to get a share of the project’s profits. It may range from 1% to 10%.

Algotech (ALGT) is currently in stage 2 of its presale. Right now, an ALGT token costs $0.06, but the price will jump to $0.08 in the next stage. Experts forecast that the token’s value can skyrocket by 275% before the presale concludes.

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