Pocketnet Releases New Update to Personal Pages

On Septmeber 13th, the Pocketnet team released an update to users’ personal pages that allows anybody to check an account’s post history sorted by ranking. This is just the first step of many more options that will be introduced to your personal Pocketnet page.

Pocketnet is a decentralized social media platform where users are rewarded for posting high quality content. Think of it as a free blog hosting platform on the blockchain.

pocketnet users

With the new features released, you can now search through any users’ existing posts. Moreover, your personal page has its own unique url (pocketnet.app/yourusername). Each name has to be unique, in the same way domain names are unique. If you want to check out Pocketnet, make sure to sign up ASAP in order to claim your username.

The best part about having your own personal page on a decentralized platform like Pocketnet is the fact that your content is there forever and can’t / won’t be deleted.

With traditional website hosting, any piece of content can be removed due to copyright, cease and desist letters, or a myriad of many other tactics. With Pocketnet, the content you put out is there forever and if you make posts anonymously, there’s no way anybody can force you take content down.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and sign up to Pocketnet and claim your personal page today. Current Pocketnet users are the first ones to have their own personal blog on the blockchain, join the revolution!

Disclosure: NullTX is a media partner of Pocketnet.

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