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Polygon MATIC is already High-Cap, Bitcoin Spark is like Buying BTC at $1

Polygon MATIC is termed an Ethereum Layer-2 scaling solution. The crypto project has faced immense growth over the years, all led by its ability to support high-capacity blockchain transactions. It has several advantages, and Bitcoin Spark has the best timing as it offers new investors a chance to invest in Bitcoin at $1.

Polygon MATIC Recent News

Polygon MATIC is an Ethereum Layer-2 scaling solution that addresses scalability issues associated with the Ethereum mainnet. Its framework allows for building scalable decentralized applications (dApps) that are also interoperable. The project offers developers a conducive environment to create and deploy smart contracts. It uses a modified version of the Plasma framework achieving higher transaction speed and reduced gas fees compared to its parent blockchain Ethereum.

Among its more significant advantages is its Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism that allows for higher throughput compared to the PoW mechanism in Ethereum. The project enables seamless asset transfer while still being a reliable and secure network.

Bitcoin’s Alternative Bitcoin Spark Shines

Bitcoin Spark comes in as a Bitcoin hard fork offering a cheaper version of the original parent blockchain. It has a set of features that would highly benefit new enthusiasts and investors willing to diversify their portfolio, as well as those who missed out on Bitcoin’s massive opportunity a decade ago.

Moreover, Bitcoin Sparks’s BTCS tokens are similar to Bitcoin in total supply having a max supply of 21 million tokens. The project has a launch supply of 4.55 million, out of which 4 million tokens have been allocated to the ongoing presale. The project will offer mining rewards for the next 120 years, accumulating over 16.45 million BTCS tokens.

BTCS is the only bridgeable asset to Bitcoin Spark, and its proprietary bridge will contain Ethereum liquidity pools, Polygon, and BNB Smart Chain. Users and investors alike will be able to access BTCS from these networks and vice versa. However, a maximum supply of 4.3 million tokens can only be bridgeable to Ethereum, similar to its ICO. Bitcoin Spark’s burning mechanism will initiate a cross-network balance. The project also employs a Proof-of-Process consensus mechanism that makes it unique to other projects in the decentralized finance realm.

Bitcoin Spark has a team of professional experts dedicated to ensuring the project is on point. Steven Kurtz and Dylan Ashford are the developers behind the Bitcoin fork. Kurtz specializes in project management and construction engineering. Dylan as a web developer, has expertise in application development and as much seeks to improve the Bitcoin Spark application.

The application is a unique platform connecting the validators, miners, and users as it offers distribution rewards based on a fair metric. Moreover, it’s possible to store BTCS and safely transact them without compromising security. Validators can also profit significantly from Bitcoin Spark since it’s a lightweight network that allows lower-power devices to run the project. This increases the number of network validators, in turn increasing the security and still being highly effective in delivering its service. The validation and mining processes will be routed through the Bitcoin Spark application, which also offers a digital wallet. Bitcoin Spark will become an open-source platform for third-party application development.


Bitcoin Spark and Polygon MATIC have offered significant benefits in the market, including their high scalability. Among the other benefits they offer are higher traction speeds, and security, through the use of advanced mechanisms. Bitcoin Spark is set to have a massive impact on the crypto space and is currently being considered by crypto experts as a reliable Bitcoin alternative.

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