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Pornhub’s 2018 Statistics Mention Fortnite but no Cryptocurrencies

The internet is primarily for Porn. While that is an unwritten rule, it is also something most people will readily agree with. Pornhub has shared its 2018 statistics last week, which are pretty interesting to keep an eye on. The platform continues to grow as more time progresses, as all of the key statistics continue to increase over time.

The Growth of Pornhub is Genuine

In the cryptocurrency world, Pornhub made a lot of headlines for its partnership with Verge. Shortly after, the company decided to bank big on the Vice Industry Token, as well as potential other currencies waiting to be added. That in itself was a rather interesting development, although it appears the correlation between cryptocurrency and porn hasn’t improved in a significant manner so far.

The other statistics outlined by the company are also pretty interesting to keep an eye on. A hefty amount of daily visitors, combined with a new record in terms of searches and videos uploaded, further confirms the adult entertainment industry is only gaining more traction over time. After all, the Internet has made it a lot easier to find and share adult content, which can help specific companies benefit a lot more than others. Pornhub seems to be very successful in this regard, although it remains to be seen how long this growth can be sustained.

One of the more interesting statistics is how Pornhub’s bandwidth consumption is larger than the entire internet’s bandwidth consumption in 2002. Granted, the internet of sixteen years ago looked very different from what people have grown used to in the modern era. As such, it is only normal there is a lot more data being consumed, as video content – especially porn – wasn’t necessarily that popular a decade and a half ago. Although porn has been around for as long as the internet exists, it too saw some initial struggle for adoption.

What is rather interesting as well is how the search terms on PornHub are a bit different from what one would expect. Although there is a genuine interest in celebrity porn stars, it would also appear Fortnite is a very popular category on Pornhub. While it is a bit unclear why that is the case, it is not exactly uncommon. Video game and anime-inspired adult content usually tends to do well at certain times. Fortnite is the hot trend in gaming right now, thus the correlation sort of makes sense.

No one will be surprised to learn most people don’t watch porn in the early hours of the day. Pornhub’s statistics confirm there is a lull in traffic between 3 AM and 10 AM, which is only normal. It also seems Saturday and Sunday evenings see a few dips along the way, with Fridays still being dominated by Netflix binging, rather than porn binging. Some very interesting insights. Additionally, it would appear real-world events can influence porn-watching habits in a negative manner. One notable exception is how the Pornhub awards usually have an adverse response in this regard.

For the time being, it remains to be seen what the future will hold for PornHub and cryptocurrencies. Considering the platform continues to grow year over year, one would expect the use of cryptocurrencies sees a nice boost too. Unfortunately, not too many statistics have been provided in this regard, which leaves a lot of room for speculation first and foremost. The year 2019 will undoubtedly be very interesting for PornHub regardless, though there will be no World Cup soccer to disrupt overall traffic during the months of June and July.


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