Prove You’re the Best and Win Rewards in DAOBet’s Game of Stakes

Singaporean-based DAObet has gamified the current stage of their development cycle – getting attack-proof validator nodes to make sure launch of their mainnet runs smoothly through the Game of Stakes event.

Game of Stakes is an event that not only allows players to win prizes but will help make the DAObet blockchain more stable through an in-depth experience via interactions with the ecosystem.

In this testnet event, validators will need to use their wits as well as strong social, economic, and technical strategies to create a defense against online attacks and vile non-cartel validators.

Growing a network for any new cryptocurrency is always hard as to get new players you need a robust network infrastructure of validators, but potential validators need the incentives of lots of transaction fees to sign on in the first place.

Validators of DAObet earn these rewards in the form of emission – an automatically calculated interest rate based on how much of the total coin supply is being staked at any given time.

If under 33% of the tokens are being staked – validators can expect a 20% annual return. This interest rate goes down accordingly until 66%, where it reaches a minimum of 10% yearly.

This game will hopefully kickstart the process, and get the ball rolling to help overcome most of the initial growing pains. It will also allow DAObet to simulate worse case scenarios within a safe environment, to mitigate those situations and prevent them from even occurring in the first place on the mainnet.

Players are those that can monitor their software status and meet the following requirements:

  •  Produce blocks in a stable fashion. The signed blocks will be counted as Validator Points.
  •  Build a fault-tolerant infrastructure for the node and maintain its operation in as stable a manner as possible.
  •  Cope with high loads and network attacks.
  •  Update the software version quickly and conduct a hard fork together with other validators
  •  Use the network, send transactions, and understand the voting procedure. 

A huge prize equivalent to 0.3% of the entire coin supply will go to the top 3 validators who accumulate the most validator points: that’s over 500,000 BET tokens as prize.

Participants in the Game of Stakes must be able to meet certain technical requirements. They will be running the same software intended for future use on the mainnet. At random times, validators will have to adapt and overcome anything from attacks, code updates, or even governance issues.

Applicants need to have at the very minimum a rig that is running the docker engine, as well as DAObet v^0.2.2. For technical requirements, a quad-core CPU with 16gbs of RAM and a 200GB SSD is needed so a pretty beefed-up system is required.

On top of having a high-end system, validators are expected to have a self-starting attitude and create their own monitoring, alerting, and managing solutions to help diagnose and thwart any of the situations in the game, as well as in real life.

For those interested in joining the game, keeping up with additional information, please check out the Game of Stakes website to register, and join their Telegram channel. Or, fill out the form right now and play the game chat to get right into it!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored article

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