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QUBE and Ripple poised for huge returns as Bitcoin reaches $44K

Bitcoin’s recent price rally was the momentum that the crypto market was finally waiting for. After reaching $44,000, Bitcoin is showing no signs of slowing down.

Apart from Bitcoin, two other tokens that have been on the radar of many analysts are InQubeta (QUBE) and Ripple (XRP). These two tokens have registered splendid market performance and are expected to continue with this growth in 2024.

Ripple is a decentralized portal supplying blockchain-based solutions for businesses and InQubeta is a DeFi facility dedicated to helping AI startups.

Based on the Ethereum network, InQubeta links AI startups with potential investors. Its unique use case has generated excitement all across the world, and its presale has been a huge success.

The QUBE presale financing has surpassed $6.3 million, and InQubeta has secured a place on every analyst’s best cryptocurrency ICO list.

InQubeta: A crypto project for users who are passionate about AI

InQubeta has emerged as a catalyzing agent for the startup ecosystem and is helping it to use AI more imaginatively. Startups who found it difficult to move ahead with their plans due to fund crunch can now raise money easily through InQubeta.

The investors in these AI-based projects get the opportunity to seize opportunities at the right time. InQubeta’s native cryptocurrency is the QUBE token and it serves as the official medium of exchange.

The QUBE token is a resourceful asset that can drive growth for the platform. As its presale funding touches new highs, it’s being widely featured among the altcoins to watch out for in the New Year.

The total availability of the QUBE token is 1.5 billion. While 65 % of the supply is solely used for public sale, the rest is used for meeting the various expenses of running the platform. These expenses include handing out rewards, sustaining the liquidity pool, and paying legal and advisory teams. The platform also maintains liquidity by encouraging token holders to stake their assets. Staked assets support a blockchain’s growth by ensuring optimal liquidity levels.

For long-term token holders, staking is a rewarding opportunity as they can keep their tokens locked and earn cryptocurrencies in exchange.

The InQubeta team has devised a unique model where crypto users can find investment opportunities that suit their budgets. The NFT marketplace of the platform helps AI startups raise funds and offer rewards-based NFTs to their investors.

Once a crypto user purchases the NFTs or a part of it, the startups receive the funds using which they kick start their dream projects. Apart from funding, these startups also get the support of a thriving community of stakeholders who are equally interested in making the project a success.

The QUBE token represents a cutting-edge asset designed for people passionate about AI technology and how it can transform the future. The token is a deflationary asset whose value rises over time by keeping supply always scarce.

Bitcoin Reaches $44K Fueled by a Rise in Institutional Investor Interest

Bitcoin is among the cryptocurrencies that offered the early bird advantage as it was the first blockchain-based asset. The native token of the Bitcoin network is known as BTC and it’s among the most demanded cryptocurrencies in the world.

Given its popularity and market value, countries like the Central African Republic and El Salvador have adopted it as a payment currency. The blockchain enhances the security of the network by using cryptographic proofs. BTC recently reached $44K as institutional investor interest has increased amid growing adoption and ETF applications.  

Ripple partners with Onafriq to offer online payment services

Ripple is among the best cryptocurrencies to buy today for enterprises and users who are interested in leveraging blockchain to expand their businesses.

The platform is built using the XRP Ledger technology which boosts the security and flexibility of the network. These solutions strive to make financial services more transparent and affordable with blockchain. Ripple’s native cryptocurrency is represented by the symbol XRP and it’s used for settling all payments within the network.

Ripple was recently in the news after it announced a partnership with Onafriq, which is a digital payment solutions portal based in Africa. With the alliance, Ripple aims to support the continent’s fintech sector while revolutionizing its payment systems.


If you are wondering what cryptos to buy now, Ripple, Bitcoin, and InQubeta are among the top-performing names in the market today.

These cryptocurrencies are unlocking new opportunities by amalgamating DeFi and new technologies like AI. These blockchain networks leverage the power of smart contracts to create a democratic ecosystem for crypto users where they can explore long-term rewards. 

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