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RACA will launch JAZ Network – A BNB Side Chain with $BNB Gas Fees

RACA will create and launch JAZ Network (A BNB Side Chain with $BNB gas fee) mainly for games.  RACA dev aims to bring web 3.0 steam to the BNB ecosystem. There are multiple middle-sized games (not mini-games) under development, and they will be launched in 2023 on RACA and JAZ Network.

JAZ Network is a BNB Side Chain that will be established with a $BNB gas fee

Two rounds of testing have been done for the JAZ Network on testnets. The mainnet is expected to launch in February 2023.

RACA is the governance token of all games on the JAZ chain, used for consumption, rewards, voting, etc.

Advanced XR Vtuber virtual concert platform Vapollo Group (, one of the world’s biggest XR developers, which provides technology that encompasses augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) with mixed reality (XR), has made an announcement the establishment of an independent game studio Vato Labs and to launch a 2D Party Game “Looki Looki Jazzi” on and virtual world metaverse, where RACA will be the payment token of the games.

“Looki Looki Jazzi” aims to be the web 3.0 equivalent of the online social game “Among us”. The game is prepared to provide customizable options for players, such as in-game characters-avatars and skins for partnered Vtubers (Virtual Youtubers). There will also be a slots option to get characters-avatars.

Compared with another web 2.0 party games, Looki Looki Jazzi has a high degree of freedom and diversified gameplay. 

The RACA community is already getting excited about the coming game.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release.

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