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Radio Caca (RACA) Announces Updates for Play-To-Earn Metaverse Game Metamon

Radio Caca (RACA) has announced updates to its play-to-earn game, Metamon. Several updates introduce many new game mechanics. Players will be able to form their squads and participate in group battles and other unique features such as training and earning achievements.

Valhalla Points

At the Hall of Valhalla, Valhalla points can be used to redeem exclusive rewards that are not obtainable from Metamon Eggs, such as R building materials, NFTs, and priority 2DMM advantages.

Valhalla Point Acquisition Table
  • Victory Reward: +5 Valhalla Points
  • Survival Reward: +1 Valhalla Point
  • Failure Encouragement(s): +1 Valhalla Point
  • Bye Seeding Round Bonus: +5 Valhalla Points
Health Index

The Health Index (HI) is a new mechanism in Lost World. HI is capped at 100. A metamon loses 1 HI for every five failed attacks. While a metamon’s HI is 0, the metamon will become inactive and unable to join any battle. HI can be restored using the Anti-Fatigue potion, which is obtainable from points redemption in the Metamon Kingdom or created by mixing green potions.

Actual Valhalla Points = Health Index % x Normal Valhalla Points.

Battle Flags

Battle Flags allow players to form a squad in the Metamon Kingdom. As symbols of heritage and honor, Battle Flags are a medium where victories and losses are recorded. In addition, Battle Flags are required for the ladder. The total ranking prize pool for Q2 is tentatively set to be 4 billion u-RACA (or an equivalent value). The official set of rules will be announced simultaneously with the launch of the new Metamon Kingdom.


Green Potion: You can now mix green potions for a chance to create an anti-fatigue potion: Mixing 2 green potions have a 30% chance to make an anti-fatigue potion, mixing 3 has a 50% chance, and mixing 4 has a 75% chance.

Green potions’ attribute enhancement function remains unchanged. However, using multiple green potions simultaneously increases the success rate. For every additional green potion, the success rate is increased by 10%.

After the Valhalla Points redemption is live, green potions will no longer work on metamon, whose scores are higher than 380.

There are new types of potions to be introduced in the game.

Purple Potion: To enhance metamon, whose score is higher than 380, players need to use the purple potion instead. Purple potions apply to all metamon. A metamon cannot use the purple potion more than five times a day. Purple potions will be tradable.

Anti-Fatigue Potion: Each anti-fatigue potion restores ten health index points.

Stimulant: Stimulants can temporarily boost metamon attributes in the Metamon Kingdom. An N stimulant gives a 10% attribute boost, an R 20%, and an SR 30%. They last for seven days, which is the entire duration of a battle. A metamon can only use one stimulant per battle.

Battle Fees

Currently, the Metamon Kingdom is in its promotional period. As a benefit of being early adopters, players do not pay any fee to play.

After the new self-organized team patch goes live, the game will start charging fees. The fees are on a per-metamon and per-battle (7 days) basis:

Self-organized team: 2000 u-RACA

Automatically generated team: 1400 u-RACA

Custom Battle Flag Designs

We are now collecting Battle Flag designs from the community. To be accepted, the submitted designs must meet the following specifications:

Size: 750*1320px

Format: PNG

Space: Unlimited

Resolution: 72dpi

No Background

Please send your designs to [email protected].

Redeem Rewards of Valhalla Points

Players will be able to redeem their Valhalla Points for various reward items:

Space Ticket: 20 Valhalla Points. Limited to 1,000 tickets per day. A metamon can consume one Space Ticket to teleport back to Metamon Island to earn eggs. However, when the EXP value increases to 395 (total EXP for Lv60), players need to use a green potion to reset to 0 to battle.

Space Tickets are tradable. The quota refreshes at UTC 00:00.

N Battle Flag: 10,000 Valhalla Points. You are limited to a total supply of 500. The N Battle Flag gives the flag owner a 1% Valhalla Points reward boost. The quota refreshes at UTC 00:00.

R Battle Flag: There is a chance to claim the R Battle Flag when the N Battle Flag reaches 100 wins. The total supply of R Battle Flags is limited to 100. The R Battle Flag gives the flag owner a 2% Valhalla Points reward boost.

Purple Potion: 4 Valhalla Points. A player’s quota of the purple potion redemption is the same as the number of his level 60 metamons. The quota refreshes at UTC 00:00 and does not roll over.

Anti-Fatigue Potion: 4 Valhalla Points.


N Stimulant: 10 Valhalla Points. Limited to 5,000 per day.

R Stimulant: 20 Valhalla Points. Limited to 500 per day.

SR Stimulant: 30 Valhalla Points. Limited to 50 per day.

The quota refreshes at UTC 00:00.

Metamon PFP: TBD.

Hall of Valhalla Auction: Occasionally, there will be a pop-up Hall of Valhalla auction where players have the opportunity to trade their Valhalla Points for seasonal high rarity items through auctions.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release. Please do your research before buying any cryptocurrency.

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