NullTX Novel Coronavirus Recap

Recapping the Novel Coronavirus Situation to Date

Many people are genuinely worried about the long-term effects the novel coronavirus may trigger. From a short-term perspective, things are not looking good by any means, as more countries are making tough decisions. 

Over 126,000 people around the world have tested positive for the novel coronavirus to date.

The Novel Coronavirus Scope is Baffling

Of those infections, over half of the people have seemingly recovered.

The current death toll sits above 5,000, and is likely to keep climbing. 

Following this pandemic, several core details are coming to light.

People who suffer from hypertension are more likely to succumb to this pandemic, so far.

Another core point of concern is age, as those aged 50 or older experience the highest rate of deaths.

In fact, the novel coronavirus fatality rate for those aged 80 and older currently sits at nearly 15%.

With all of the “negative” information in the open, one has to wonder what is being done to prevent further spreading.

In various countries, new restrictions are being imposed.

Those restrictions range from closing down borders to suspending school, social gathering, and so forth.

Only time will tell how effective these measures turn out to be.

This pandemic is very different from anything the world has seen so far.

That means that traditional countermeasures may not be sufficient whatsoever.

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