Second-hand Tesla Cars may not Have all of the Core Functions

Tesla cars are in very high demand all over the world. Those who buy a car second-hand may notice not all of the core features are working. 

In theory, this is a very smart decision by the company, albeit one that may come back to harm them.

A Second-hand Tesla Isn’t the Best Option

This entire story revolves around a second-hand Tesla Model S.

The new owner suddenly noticed how he cannot access driver assistance features.

According to Tesla, these have been disabled remotely because “the new owner did not pay for them”.

A very interesting stance, as it would mean that there is little to no market for second-hand Teslas.

When the car is originally purchased, it comes with all features that have been paid for.

If the owner decides to sell the car to someone else, the package deal expires.

Up until now this has never happened with any car in history. 

However, the modern cars are subject to over-the-air updates, thus they seemingly fall into a different category. 

Hardware-based upgrades will never be deactivated remotely, but software functions can certainly be turned off. 

At this time, it has not been confirmed if these features will be enabled once again. 

Image(s): Shutterstock.com

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