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Shiba Inu (SHIB) Expected to Surge 12% in Near Term; Celestia (TIA) and InQubeta (QUBE) Set for Significant November Moves


  • Cryptocurrencies, including Shiba Inu, Celestia, and InQubeta, are poised for a bullish November.
  • SHIB sees a 45% recovery, TIA experiences a surge after listings on major exchanges, and QUBE gains attention for its AI-driven NFT investment model.
  • Analysts predict potential rallies and growth for these tokens, with SHIB expected to achieve a 12% rally, TIA aiming for more exchange listings, and QUBE offering an 80% return for early investors.

Investors all over the globe are seeing returns pour in as cryptocurrencies gear up for the upcoming bull run. Shiba Inu (SHIB) leads the pack of bullish prices by recently surprising token holders with more than 45% in price recovery. Due to the token’s performance after months of decline, investors’ backing has now returned, as holders remain expectant of an additional 12% growth soon.

This is also the case for some other cryptocurrencies. Since November is traditionally the month of positive gains, investors have noticed a trend in the price of Celestia (TIA) and InQubeta (QUBE). Celestia’s string of exchange listings continues to increase its value, while InQubeta boasts a fast-selling presale and some of the best crypto investment opportunities. Holders are confident that both tokens are primed for a massive move this November.

We’ll uncover SHIB’s expected growth while exploring the anticipated surges of TIA and QUBE.

InQubeta’s (QUBE) Early Stage Performance Set It To Deliver Explosive Gains

InQubeta has achieved market-wide recognition as the best crypto investment to benefit from the fast-rising AI industry. InQubeta’s users can invest in projects minted into NFTs by AI startup companies. By investing in these NFTs, investors can own multiple stakes in high-growth AI companies that will soon be worth billions. This groundbreaking investment offering has earned InQubeta a massive investor base and cemented it as the best DeFi crypto.

The QUBE token powers the platform and is a deflationary and governance token. InQubeta also provides staking capabilities for the token. Holders who decide to stake in QUBE stand to gain rewards from the platform’s 5% sell transaction tax pool. These features have convinced investors of InQubeta’s lucrative potential. They now recognize QUBE as the best DeFi crypto to invest in for passive income, which has provoked a buying frenzy for the token’s ongoing presale.

The influx of investors during the crypto ICO event has resulted in a milestone sale of over 500 million tokens and raised over $4.9 million. Experts are optimistic that this impressive performance positions QUBE for a remarkable price surge, and the token is already delivering as promised. QUBE has already shot up from $0.007 to $0.0161, earning early investors a return of 130%. Buyers who get in now at the current price will also gain 90% before exchange listings trigger a meteoric growth after the crypto ICO ends.

Celestia’s (TIA) Token Listing Position It For Massive Uptrend

Celestia shocked global investors with a climb to its all-time highs recently. TIA, the token that runs its modular blockchain network, skyrocketed by more than 240% last week due to its listing on top-tier exchanges like Bybit, Coinbase, and Kucoin, which increased buying pressure for TIA. This growth shows investors’ confidence in the project’s blockchain solutions.

Analysts have projected that if Celestia continues on this innovative path, the network could quickly rise among the ranks to dominate the sector. Celestia is already moving to implement new DeFi projects that will boost its usability and appeal to developers. In the following weeks, the project plans to secure more exchange listings, which will drive the trading volume of TIA and potentially spark a rally to new highs before the end of the month.

Shiba Inu’s (SHIB) Recent Developments Spark Expectations For A 12% Rally

An analysis of Shiba Inu will reveal that the token is currently on a solid uptrend, holding a 45% recovery from lows this month. According to the meme coin’s stable pricing above its relative strength lines and moving averages, there are speculations of a possible SHIB rally incoming. There has also been a noticeable uptick in SHIB’s trading activity. This means that investor interest has increased for Shiba Inu, hinting at a stage of token accumulation. Beyond these technicalities, the anticipation of Shibarium developments and the increase in the SHIB burn rate have built investors’ optimism for an estimated 12% growth soon.


Now that investors are moving to secure investments in Shiba Inu, this November will see tokens like Celestia and promising new DeFi projects like InQubeta command a high influx of demand that will earn them upside prices. Celestia is already moving to achieve higher highs. Meanwhile, InQubeta’s investment model in DeFi and artificial intelligence makes it a robust DeFi project. And its QUBE presale comes at a time when the excitement for AI-powered projects is at all-time highs.

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