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Shiba Inu (SHIB) Sees Massive Token Burn; Celestia (TIA) and InQubeta (QUBE) Continue Upward Momentum

Shiba Inu (SHIB) prices have significantly increased because traders have continuously burnt large amounts of tokens. The increased burning activity represents an upward trend for SHIB as the project gains traction among investors. Though the project experienced a marginal downfall, Shiba Inu’s stance remains bullish. InQubeta (QUBE) and Celestia (TIA) follow this positive trend and are gearing up for upward momentum.

InQubeta is a project merging two groundbreaking technologies: artificial intelligence (AI) and cryptocurrency. This project is one of the best crypto to buy and a ticket to the world of innovative AI startups. Investors looking for cutting-edge crypto projects to expand their holdings should have a look at QUBE’s distinct AI solutions. Celestia is a blockchain that enables developers to control and create blockchain structures.

Let us explore why InQubeta and Celestia are continuing in an upward momentum.

InQubeta (QUBE): Giving AI Startups Financial Dominance Through Affordable Investments

InQubeta has quickly become one of the best coins to invest in because of its unique non-fungible token (NFT) investments. QUBE allows investors to make investments in the form of purchasing NFTs to support the growth of AI startups. The project has witnessed upward momentum because of QUBE’s appealing features and high growth potential.

InQubeta’s NFT marketplace is the critical feature of the platform that makes it a noteworthy project. The platform’s popular NFT marketplace is where AI startups mint their projects into NFTs. These unique NFTs are displayed to attract prospects who want to partner with these businesses. The marketplace benefits both startups and investors. These benefits are among the reasons why InQubeta continues in upward momentum, leading to positive sentiment among investors.

The project’s ongoing presale indicates InQubeta’s potential for huge returns. The project is in stage five of its presale, with over $5.1 million in funding raised. With over 520 million sold at a presale price of $0.0161, QUBE will soon move to stage six. InQubeta’s presale performance further fuels the excitement around QUBE’s upward momentum.

InQubeta is the best crypto to buy because of its deflationary nature, which makes it more attractive to investors. The QUBE token has a 2% buy-and-sell tax going to a burn wallet. The project has a 5% tax dedicated to a reward pool for QUBE holders to earn rewards through staking. This distinct tokenomics makes InQubeta one of the best coins to invest in before 2023 ends.

Celestia (TIA): Expanding Blockchain Scalability Through Innovative Technology

Celestia is one of the upcoming projects that is stirring up significant investor interest. The project introduces notable changes in the crypto space by separating the functions of blockchain technology from data availability. TIA recorded an all-time high (ATH) in its market cap post-launch, with its airdrop skyrocketing its demand.

Even after its launch, Celestia continues its upward momentum. The project’s modular approach to blockchain structure makes it an excellent choice for developers. The project deals with scalability challenges and maintains decentralization. TIA prices have fluctuated due to low support, but experts predict a price surge given an increased trading volume.

Shiba Inu (SHIB): This Dogecoin Killer Is Amassing Attention With Massive Token Burns

Shiba Inu’s community burned millions of SHIB coins, and this has led to an increase in the token’s burn rate. The massive burning was a result of the SHIB community aiming to boost the project by inducing scarcity. This burn led to the value of the remaining SHIB coins increasing.

Shiba Inu remains an essential player in the meme community with its robust community and Shibarium. The project’s Shibarium debuted its donate feature, allowing users to contribute to its blockchain validators. Because of SHIB’s new feature, the Shibarium’s 12 validators can receive contributions directly from community members.


Shiba Inu’s massive token burn increased the project’s value, displaying the project’s popularity among investors. InQubeta and Celestia are also attracting whales with their unique solutions. InQubeta’s popular NFT marketplace fosters secure and transparent investments.

Investors seeking futuristic projects are rallying to the QUBE presale to participate in the AI revolution. With just five stages left in the presale before the official launch, investors anticipate 100x growth in their holdings. Get QUBE now.

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