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Shiba Inu Surpasses Ethereum In Trading Volume; InQubeta Sets The Stage For Significant Moves

Shiba Inu (SHIB) investors who stuck with the project through its days of bearish trends are now reaping the benefits following its recent performances. This meme coin gained significant attention due to the massive burns of Shiba Inu tokens, which led to its increased value. Shiba Inu’s trading volume recently surpassed Ethereum’s (ETH) by over 14%, positioning the project for more growth. Meanwhile, experts closely monitor a new AI crypto as it sets the stage for significant moves.

InQubeta (QUBE) is a revolutionary platform that creates a dynamic ecosystem where AI startups raise funds and reward their investors. QUBE’s ongoing presale witnessed wide adoption, with over $8.1 million raised, bringing it ever closer to the $10 million mark. QUBE is one of those upcoming altcoins to watch out for in 2024 because of its strategic positioning.

This article explores why InQubeta sets the stage for significant moves.

InQubeta (QUBE): The AI Crypto Enriching The Crypto Ecosystem

InQubeta is a project that provides convenient and accessible investment opportunities. The project’s native token, QUBE, is versatile and can cater to all the transactional needs on the network. The project’s distinctive investment services make it one of 2024’s top crypto coins. InQubeta’s ecosystem and unique offerings set it up for significant moves alongside other key players.

One of the proofs of InQubeta’s potential for making significant milestones is its ongoing presale. QUBE’s ICO is in stage six and has raised over $8.1 million. QUBE’s presale participation increases by the day, with over 715 million tokens purchased by bullish investors. As InQubeta’s presale inches closer to the $10 million mark, experts call it one of the top altcoins to watch out for this January.

The project’s NFT marketplace is a go-to for newbie investors seeking the best NFTs to buy now. The marketplace is where AI startups and investors converge to access incredible opportunities. The AI startups listed in the marketplace get to network with partners and raise capital for their operations. They also build a loyal community of members who believe in their innovative projects. InQubeta’s profitable NFT marketplace sets the stage for significant strides, making it one of the top crypto coins in the market.

By ditching the traditional way of raising capital, QUBE introduces a more modern investment model for quicker and more seamless transactions. Aside from offering startup funding, the platform’s team of experts can guide these startups through various business development stages. This unique offering gives it an edge over other new projects. Investors seeking the best crypto asset to leverage in 2024 have found InQubeta to be the best choice.

Shiba Inu (SHIB): Attracting Investors To Its Distinct Token Burning Strategies

Shiba Inu entered 2024 on a solid note with its rising momentum. The project has witnessed increased trading activity due to its massive token burns. In November and December 2023, over 36 billion SHIB tokens were incinerated because of the project’s popular Shibarium.

SHIB’s transactional volume has surpassed Ethereum’s by over 14%. This surge is a significant stride for the project, as more is expected following the project’s new developments. The SHIB team stated that all burns will be automated starting in January, as developers have been manually regulating them. This development will lead to a surge in the value of Shiba Inu tokens, as experts predict that over 9 trillion tokens may be burned this month.


Shiba Inu’s noteworthy performance and strong community led to a surge in its trading volume, surpassing Ethereum’s. InQubeta is another eye-catching project making huge strides with its advanced ecosystem. The project remedies the limitations of traditional AI investments through blockchain technology. 

QUBE provides numerous opportunities for new and seasoned investors, such as its marketplace, where investors can access the best NFTs to buy now. Savvy traders rush to get QUBE at discounted prices with just three stages left before the launch. Join the InQubeta presale using the link below and participate in a robust community of crypto and AI enthusiasts.

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