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SkyBridge Founder Anthony Scaramucci Critiques Jamie Dimon; Binance (BNB), Avalanche Crypto (AVAX) and Pullix (PLX) – Altcoin Stars To Shine

Recently, SkyBridge founder Anthony Scaramucci criticized Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan. In his statements, he took a stance in favor of the crypto market, opposing Dimon’s skeptical views on digital currencies. Meanwhile, altcoins like Binance (BNB) and Avalanche Crypto (AVAX) ride bullish waves. One new ICO is also making headlines – Pullix (PLX). This Stage 2 presale star is gaining traction as experts foresee a 100x growth in 2024 for it – let’s find out why. 

Binance (BNB) Announces Major Giveaway 

In recent Binance news, the team announced a BNB token giveaway amounting to $150,000. Afterward, the Binance coin price increased from $245 to $255 in just a few hours on December 12. 

When we look at the Binance coin technical analysis, we can deduce that this bullish trend will continue. Notably, over 24 technical indicators are green for this altcoin while its value is above its 200-day EMA. Binance has also experienced 17 positive trading days over the last month alone – a noteworthy 57%. 

Due to all these reasons, maker analysts have made a bullish Binance coin price prediction. They foresee its value reaching $257.96 before the end of December 2023, making Binance one of the altcoins to watch. 

Analyst Jacob Canfield With a Bullish Avalanche Crypto Price Prediction

According to prominent crypto analyst Jacob Canfield, Avalanche Crypto (AVAX) will be a big winner in the coming weeks. He stated that thanks to its GameFi narrative, its future looks bright. After this prediction, the Avalanche crypto price increased from $24 on December 6 to $37 on December 12. 

From a technical perspective, the Avalanche crypto value will continue rising. In other words, the altcoin’s value is now above its 50 and 100-day EMAs. Over 25 technical indicators are also showing bullish signs for the Avalanche crypto. 

Because of this, experts in the field predict that the Avalanche crypto price will reach $44 before 2023 ends. According to them, Avalanche could be one of the top altcoins to monitor.

Pullix (PLX): One of the Best Altcoins To Invest In

Pullix (PLX) is an upcoming hybrid trading platform combining the best CEX and DEX features in one place. As a result, you can enjoy deep liquidity, low trading fees, and all asset classes on one account. Unlike Binance, which focuses solely on cryptos, Pullix will tap into multiple financial markets like the forex one, which Baby Pips claims is the most famous market globally. 

Pullix’s primary goal is to give back to the community. It will accomplish this through its unique revenue-sharing model. If you stake the PLX native token, you will receive a percentage of the Pullix daily revenue. The platform also features multi-currency staking, allowing you to stake other cryptos like Bitcoin with Pullix and gain more passive income. 

Currently, the project offers one PLX token for just $0.042 as it is in Stage 2 of its presale. Over 1.4M tokens have been sold already, which shows the tremendous demand for this altcoin. Some experts even forecast a 100x rise after it hits exchanges. With benefits like trading fee discounts, exclusive access to certain assets, and more – now is the perfect time to purchase the PLX token.

Future Growth

Scaramucci’s bullish take on cryptocurrencies may cause many altcoins like Binance and Avalanche crypto to soar. However, they may not achieve significant surges as they have high market caps ($38B and $13B, respectively). Pullix will not have this problem as it has a market cap of $8M. Therefore, its value may surge faster as fewer new funds are needed.

If you wish to join a 1,000 PLX token giveaway, follow the links below and watch this token, which may enter the top 10 altcoins list soon.

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