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SmarterWorx, Luna Classic, and Fantom – Analysts Predict Golden Spring In 2023

The crypto market has been a wild ride. It can be hard to know what to expect next for those who have been watching from the sidelines.

But some projects are making waves in this space. These projects are poised to succeed beyond their initial goals, and they’re also poised to help shape the future of cryptocurrencies as we know it. This blog post will look at three projects: SmarterWorx, Luna Classic, and Fantom.


SmarterWorx (ARTX), a new ERC-20 token, has generated much interest in the crypto communities of decentralized finance. ARTX has simplified the process of investing in fine art for crypto enthusiasts and lovers of art by digitizing the artwork into NFTs and offering them on their distinctive Marketplace.

Investors get access to the benefits of owning a piece of artwork without having to deal with storage issues or other complexities involved in buying and selling artwork.

The project collects revenue from buy and sell taxes, NFT sales, and token burning. It is anticipated to expand significantly in 2023 due to growing interest in artwork.

Also, many people are interested in artwork, and this interest will continue as more people become aware of SmarterWorx and other similar projects. With this backing, the SmarterWorx token will withstand tough market times.

Luna Classic

The Terra blockchain’s first native token is Luna Classic (the predecessor LUNA, which collapsed in May 2022). Luna Classic runs on the original Terra ecosystem code, and its native token, $LUNC, is primarily used to smooth out price fluctuations for the algorithmic stablecoin, $UST. In contrast to $LUNA, $LUNC uses fiat-pegging for stablecoins to prevent a collapse spurred by hyperinflation. The monetary value of the Terra Luna Classic is expected to increase in 2023 due to Terra Rebel’s planned improvements.


Like Ethereum, Fantom is a decentralized smart contract platform for DApps and digital assets. It is the best option for companies searching for a high-performance blockchain platform because it has strong security, scalability, and decentralization characteristics. Fantom offers the lowest fees of any cryptocurrency currently in circulation, fast transactions per second, and a cost-effective method for scaling network services. 

Final Words

If you’re looking to invest in cryptocurrency, SmarterWorx, Luna Classic, and Fantom are three projects that analysts predict will be successful in 2023.

SmarterWorx has a unique model that includes an art piece marketplace where you can purchase artwork collectibles and rare sculptures. This makes it an excellent investment opportunity for people who love art and cryptocurrency.

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