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Solana And Ondo Deflate As Emerging Meme Sensation Raboo Rockets, What Is All The Fuss About?

In the past few months, two of the top crypto coins that have been dictating the tempo of the crypto market are Solana (SOL) and ONDO Finance (ONDO). Although with their relative price jumps and plunges, they’ve offered their investors good money. However, in recent times, SOL and ONDO have been in the red. 

A new coin, Raboo ($RABT), is in the block and has already raised over $1.6 million so far in its presale. Among many other perks, Raboo promises 100X profit for its investors, and it’s all the crypto market has been talking about. 

Is the bullish trend for Solana over yet?

After benefiting early investors and staying top in the past trading season, Solana (SOL) might be approaching a bearish season as the metrics indicate some downtimes.

Since the first week of June, SOL has been trading between $151 and $173. Its trading activity has dropped and social interactions suggest a decline as updates of the SOL no longer stir sizable engagements among fans and crypto enthusiasts.

Some analysts say that the decline in Solana price might have been caused by the proverbial storm before the rain, but data confirms that SOL may no longer be surging as rapidly as it used to.

Whales drop out from ONDO Finance; What’s next?

Named the king of RWA narrative by top crypto market analyst Sjuul, Ondo Finance (ONDO) is one of the largest players in the rapidly growing tokenized treasury market. ONDO‘s tokenized offerings have attracted over $300 million in deposits since its launch in 2023.

ONDO previously experienced a bullish trend when investors used the technology as a safe space to store blockchain-based cash holdings while also earning. However, the ONDO price has shown a decline this week.

According to experts, the decline in ONDO price could be attributed to whales losing interest in the token. The whales bowed out at the end of the bullish trend and since then, the drop in the ONDO token has happened.

The next king of meme coin is closer than you think

Raboo has been tipped to be the biggest AI-powered meme coin backed by SocialFi and Artificial Intelligence. Designed with precision and flair, the $RABT token is more than just trading. It is about building a community, rewarding the involvement of token holders, and supporting the endless evolution of memes. 

It allows token holders to compete in fun-filled meme-generating activities to earn rewards and win prizes. With Raboo, every challenge is a chance to earn, and every victory counts and translates into real-world value and rewards.

To earn extra $RABT and rewards, investors will participate in special giveaways and weekly, monthly, and quarterly Challenges.

With over $1.6M raised since its presale, $RABT is now in Stage four of its presale season with $RABT token going for $0.0048.  

With analysts predicting $RABT could increase by 10,000% once it lists on major exchange platforms, it is profitable for investors to be involved in its early stage and set themselves up to maximize financial gains.


It is clear that Solana and ONDO Finance have both experienced a bullish trading season and compensated their early investors with financial gains, but no one knows for sure when they will make a comeback.

Raboo is in Stage four and now selling at $0.0048 each. As launch draws closer, the prices are sure to climb higher. 

You can participate in the Raboo presale here:

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