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Solana’s Speed vs. Rebel Satoshi’s Rebellion vs. Bitcoin’s Dominance: The Ultimate Crypto Showdown


  • Solana gains 29% in a week, and experts predict more growth in December.
  • Bitcoin jumps 3% in a week, with more gains coming before the year ends.
  • Rebel Satoshi attracts more investors after jumping 100% during its ongoing presale.

Despite the spreading bearish sentiment in the crypto market, top crypto coins continue holding green candles. However, experts are caught between investing in Solana (SOL) because of its speed and Bitcoin (BTC) because of its dominance in the crypto space. Meanwhile, Rebel Satoshi ($RBLZ), an upcoming meme coin that aims to challenge crypto norms, has seen massive investor interest after surging 100% during its presale.

Which cryptocurrency will reign supreme between Solana, Bitcoin, and Rebel Satoshi? Continue reading to discover!

Solana Gains 29% in a Week: Will Explosive Growth Continue?

Solana has performed commendably over the past seven days. On December 16, SOL was changing hands at around $74.02. After trading sideways for days, SOL got traction on December 20 due to increased dApp activity on its network. As a result, SOL surpassed XRP (XRP) to become the fifth-largest crypto by market capitalization.

The buzz from the news of Solana flipping XRP saw SOL trade as high as $99.12 on December 22 before experiencing a slight pullback. By December 23, SOL had leveled off at around $95.70. This price means SOL has gained 29.28% in a week. While this performance is impressive, is SOL the best crypto to invest in now? Let’s see what experts predict!

Per analysts, SOL will continue climbing to close the year at $104.00. Analysts attribute this prediction to SOL getting more adoption after New York regulators gave Paxos the green light to launch the first stablecoin on Solana.

Bitcoin Surges 3% in a Week: Will Bulls Charge Further?

Bitcoin has performed well over the past seven days. On December 16, BTC was trading at around $42,330.49. However, investors taking profits from the recent rally saw BTC plunge as low as $40,615.63 on December 18. Luckily, the December 20 news of Argentina allowing her citizens to accept contracts in Bitcoin saw BTC start climbing.

This news saw BTC go as high as $44,367.96 on December 22. Nonetheless, BTC failed to maintain these gains and started retracing its growth. By December 23, BTC had stabilized at around $43,802.57. This price means BTC has gained 3.48% in a week. Based on this performance, is Bitcoin a top crypto to buy for massive returns by the end of 2023?

According to experts, BTC will continue pumping to close the year at $47,195.00. Experts peg this forecast on Bitcoin getting more adoption as investors flood its market in anticipation of the U.S. SEC approving spot Bitcoin ETFs in Q1 2024.

Rebel Satoshi Set To Take On Top Cryptos After Starting Warriors Round 2!

Rebel Satoshi, an emerging meme coin, has caused a stir in the crypto market after raising over  $1,000,000 during its ongoing public presale. This budding crypto project has achieved this breakthrough due to increasing demand for its native $RBLZ token. Investors are flocking to Rebel Satoshi to buy $RBLZ because of the perks it offers.

Specifically, $RBLZ provides investors with complete access to the Rebel Satoshi ecosystem. When fully developed, the Rebel Satoshi ecosystem will comprise a P2E game that boasts interactive quests, an NFT marketplace for trading collectibles in the Rebel NFT Vault, and a staking program. These features explain why $RBLZ is the best cryptocurrency to buy now!

As of December, Rebel Satoshi had started Citizens Round 3 of its presale, with $RBLZ going for $0.020. This price means $RBLZ had generated a 100% ROI since the Early Bird Round, when each token was priced at $0.010. It is worth noting that Citizens Round 3 investors will get a 25% ROI when $RBLZ surges to its listing price of $0.025.

Interestingly, Rebel Satoshi accepts payments for $RBLZ in BTC and 50 other cryptos. This flexibility explains why investors are buzzing about Rebel Satoshi

For the latest updates and more information, be sure to visit the official Rebel Satoshi Presale Website or contact Rebel Red via Telegram

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