South African Crypto Exchange ChainEX Goes Fee Free For Two Weeks

Digital exchanges that offer clients services to trade earn through one major source: Charging a certain fee for all transaction and trades made on the platform. Depending on the type of exchange, overall trading volume and the position in the market, the exchanges can either charge a hefty amount, or an insignificant one.

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ChainEX’s Fee

ChainEX is a South African digital asset exchange that allows users to trade in over 30 cryptocurrencies. The exchange is the only service that allows South Africans to buy digital monies using their national fiat, the Rand.

The exchange, despite its unique position of being the only Rand supporting exchange, does not believe in exploiting its position when it comes to customer services. The platform has one of the lowest trading fees in the world, with a charge of 0.25% of trade, regardless of the volume.

In its bid to offer more services in an attractive manner, the platform has recently announced a two week charge free event, starting on the 4th of June. During the two weeks, users will not be be charged for any and all trading done on the platform.

About ChainEX

Born from a chance of accidental eavesdropping, the South African-based digital exchange that operates in more than 200 countries is the only platform that accepts Rand as a direct payment method to buy crypto. The exchange provides a world class service that is reliable, robust and secure.

One of the team executives overheard people talking about cryptocurrencies during a breakfast in 2015. With interest piqued, the executive started learning about digital monies and the result is ChainEX being started in 2018.

Relatively new, the platform offers services that are competitive and of high quality. The exchange offers:

  • Live Trading: Crypto asset prices are updated in real time, giving traders the edge they need to stay ahead of the game.
  • Multi Currencies: Exchange or trade in multiple crypto and fiat currencies, allowing ease of not only trading, but cashing out if desired.
  • Rand Support: Rand supported as fiat, allowing South Africans to now jump into the crypto trading scene, previously denied to many since no ZAR support existed.
  • Expert Customer Support: A professional support team is available to handle any kind of issue related to digital assets.
  • Low Fee: A flat 0.25% of the trading volume is charged as fee. This relieves the users from complex calculations to see if the trade they are interested in is viable or not.
  • Secure Assets: Most of the assets on the platform are secured in cold storage and a robust firewall and a team of security experts.

Developed from a fairy tale like scene, the platform’s team employs the same enthusiasm the founders showed in understanding what cryptocurrencies were all about. This has put the exchange in a unique position where it has been able to attract a large number of users.

For more information on the South African digital asset exchange, visit their website: https://chainex.io/

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