StarCrazy and GTF Token Overview, Second Most Popular DApp on IoTeX

With IOTX seeing massive price gains in early November, the market’s attention shifted towards the platform. At the time of writing, IoTeX has 30 dApps according to dappradar. Today, we will be looking at the second most popular dApp StarCrazy and its GFT token.

What Is StarCrazy?

StarCrazy is a Play-to-earn NFT game built on the IoTeX platform. To start playing, users must download the IoPay app, available for both Android and iOS devices. Users can find the StarCrazy under the Discover section in their IoPay app.

Star crazy revolves around animated cats called Stars, which are NFTs. Each Star has eight body parts, with a corresponding rarity for each body part. The rarity ranges from normal to ultra-rare. In addition, each Star has a Digging Power called DigP.

The best part of the game is the Star Mine, which allows users to earn GFT tokens. The more Digging Power your Star has, the more GFT you will make.

StarCrazy also has a marketplace that allows players to buy, sell, trade, and place bids on Stars. Players can start their auction to sell their Stars or participate in the official auction that generates random Stars.

starcrazy gameplay

One feature worth mentioning about StarCrazy is fusing Stars to improve each card’s rarity and digging power. Remember that fusing stars will only net you one Star after fusion, meaning you will lose one NFT.

What Is Game Fantasy Token (GFT)?

Users are required to have 10 IOTX in their wallets to start playing. To purchase the various Stars, users are required to use StarCrazy’s Game Fantasy Token.

GFT is an IoTeX based token that’s used as the main currency in the game. Users can swap their tokens via Mimo, that’s accessible on the IoPay app.

StarCrazy is currently the second most popular game on IoTeX, with over 1.12k users. According to the roadmap, the team has big plans for 2022, both for StarCrazy and their GFT token, including the listing of GFT in Q2 2022 and DAO Governance in Q4 2022.

GFT Price & Tokenomics

GFT is trading at $23.28, with a market cap of $22 million at the time of writing. GFT is available to purchase on Mimo, which is accessible using your IoPay wallet app. GFT has a total supply of 725,600, with a max supply of 30 million.

GFT recently hit an all-time high of $35 on November 21st. Since then, it has been looking for support at the $25 level but unfortunately couldn’t hold.

As IoTeX’s ecosystem continues to grow, GFT can easily double in valuation. With a market cap of $22 million, it’s still a relatively undervalued asset.


If you’re looking to get your foot in the door and start experiencing for yourself what Web3 and IoTeX are all about. I highly recommend downloading the IoPay wallet.

Since IoTeX runs its chain, it’s best to deposit IOTX to their native blockchain. If you have ERC-20 IOTX in your wallet, it’s best to use IOtube to transfer the tokens to the correct chain.

The easiest way to get native IOTX onto your IoPay wallet is to withdraw the tokens from an exchange like or KuCoin, which supports the native IOTX network.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any cryptocurrency.

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