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STRUMP Sees a Huge Surge in Price Although APORK Might Be the Next Huge Meme Giant According To Analysts

The meme coin market has experienced one of the largest rallies in the past month, with the new memecoin, Super Trump, leading the charge. The price of Super Trump has been generally on the upward trend in the last one month due to the news of the US elections.

At the same time, a new memecoin called Angry Pepe Fork has appeared on the market that can replicate the trend of Super Trump’s price. Analysts have tagged it as one of the best new meme coins to buy right now.

Super Trump (STRUMP) Price Jumps Triple Digits

Super Trump (STRUMP), a Solana-based coin that was created as a homage to the former US president, is racking up a storm in the meme coin market right now. While top OG memecoins like Shiba Inu and Dogecoin are down, Super Trump is aiming for a new all-time high. 

Data from CoinMarketCap shows that the meme coin has triple-digit gains on the weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly price charts. The price of Super Trump pumped from an all-time low of $0.00325 and peaked at $0.02967. As a meme coin, though, STRUMP has had some price fluctuations in the last few days but remains one of the top performers. 

If the uptrend continues through the election, analysts have estimated the market cap of Super Trump to reach $100 million from the current level below $50 million. When it comes to the price dynamics, Super Trump may exceed the current ATH of $0.03169 to reach $0. 03923.

Angry Pepe Fork (APORK): The Next Huge Meme Giant

Angry Pepe Fork (APORK) is a new memecoin that is building a community of rebels that will take the entire meme coin market by surprise. Their major goal is to crush out zombie memecoins that are causing havoc in the market. The interesting part here is that members of the community can earn free APORK tokens as they go about crushing zombies. 

Their APY increases with every Zombie crushed, making Angry Pepe Fork the best meme coin to invest in, according to analysts. Another reason why Angry Pepe Fork is the next meme giant is its staking feature. Unlike other memecoins,  this project has one of the best staking options in the crypto market. 

APORK holders can stake their tokens for either 30, 60, or 90 days, depending on what they want. Angry Pepe Fork has launched a presale for its native token, APORK. While it is currently trading at $0.014 per token, analysts have predicted a 200% price surge in the coming weeks. Also, they forecast that the value of APORK will skyrocket to $1 after it is listed on top centralized exchanges.

This potential for gains makes APORK the best meme coin to invest in. Interestingly, investors can start enjoying Angry Pepe Fork’s staking option right from the presale stage. Thus, those who buy the APORK token in stage 1 can stake it and earn up to 20% APY by the end of the presale. 


Super Trump and Angry Pepe Fork are the best new meme coins in the market right now. Super Trump is showing triple-digit gains on the price charts. Also, analysts believe Angry Pepe Fork can become the next huge meme giant in the market.

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