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SUI Blockchain Activity Hits a New Peak, CELO Plans to Be an Ethereum Layer-2, $ROE Provides Instant Funding for Web3 Businesses

Experts believe that Sui (SUI) and Celo (CELO) holders could be looking at significant short-term rewards in the next period. Meanwhile, the crypto community has started to embrace Borroe ($ROE) as a lucrative hidden gem with excellent real-life utility. Let’s analyze why major experts believe that Borroe ($ROE) has the potential to transform the Web3 community.


Sui (SUI) Aims For $1.00 By the End of July

Sui is currently trading for $0.71, rising by 5.97% in the last three days. Sui enthusiasts expect surges above the $1.00 range by the end of the month. Furthermore, Sui bulls are convinced that the token could approach the $2.00 threshold by the end of 2023.

These optimistic predictions are based on the recent spike in user activity on the Sui blockchain platform. Sui 8192, the platform’s new Web3 game, has managed to enhance the blockchain engagement and contribute to the bullish rally in Sui’s price performance.

SUI 8192 recently drew over 258 million daily transactions on the Sui platform. However, Sui bears predict that the token could soon face significant corrections below the $0.50 level. In their view, Sui’s developers should try to find new ways to improve the token’s utility.


Celo (CELO) Plans to Become an Ethereum layer-2 Network

Celo’s (CELO) developers recently announced their plans to convert the platform into an Ethereum layer-2 network. The aim is to enhance the token’s adoption and provide borderless access to Celo (CELO) users.

Furthermore, this move will improve the overall user experience and strengthen Celo’s (CELO) partnership with Ethereum.

Celo (CELO) is currently trading for $0.50, dropping by 3.84% in the last two days. Bears point out Celo’s (CELO) failure to consolidate above the $0.60 range as a clear indicator that Celo (CELO) holders can expect another bearish trend in the following term.

On the other hand, Celo (CELO) bulls are confident that the token will manage to rebound to its April figures above the $0.70 threshold on the strength of Celo’s (CELO) technological innovations.

Borroe ($ROE) Brings 300% Returns Before the Official Launch

Borroe ($ROE) is a revolutionary AI-powered funding marketplace that enables Web3 participants and content creators to receive upfront cash by selling future earnings. Borroe’s ($ROE) developers have created a seamless fundraising process enabled by the platform’s AI risk assessment, blockchain technology, and streamlined payment solutions.

On top of that, businesses in the Web3 community can earn valuable rewards by minting NFTs that represent future and outstanding voices. The NFTs are then sold at reduced prices in the Borroe ($ROE) marketplace.

The deflationary Borroe ($ROE) token will be built on the Ethereum sidechain Polygon and grant several fantastic benefits such as invoice buying, social media share2earn, discounted fees, and repayment rewards.

Thus, now could be the best time to diversify your portfolio by investing in Borroe ($ROE) while the token is selling for just $0.010 at the Beta Stage of the public presale. Early Borroe ($ROE) adopters will receive up to 300% gains when Borroe ($ROE) surges to the $0.040 presale target, so don’t hesitate to invest right away!

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