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Bancor (BNT) Witnesses Great Rebound Amidst Whales’ Accumulation As Value Hits A Notable $1.92

Bancor (BNT), the decentralized liquidity protocol, has encountered a momentous circle back lately, seeing its market capitalization over triple in the range of only four days. Of course, this unprecedented spike appears to have been incited by Whale’s investment and huge holders reliably. 10,000 $BNT Wallet Holders Continues Massive Accumulation […]


LiquidEOS vs Dogethereum Bridge

Providing cross-chain liquidity is becoming an integral aspect of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Several projects are providing exactly that, though they do so in different ways. LiquidEOS is tapping Bancor for this purpose, whereas Dogethereum bridges the gap between Dogecoin and ERC20 tokens. Both projects have a lot of potential value […]

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What is BancorX?

Liquidity plays an integral role in the world of cryptocurrency. Addressing any concerns in this regard has proven to be a major challenge. BancorX┬áis Bancor’s liquidity network, and the project is currently live on the EOS testnet. The BancorX Concept Offering more liquidity to cryptocurrencies and tokens is always a […]