Wednesday, February 20, 2019
what is ethereum

What is Ethereum?

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What is Litecoin?

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What Is Bitcoin SV?


What is Bitcoin Cash?


Wat is NEO+ONE?

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flo blockchain

What Is FLO Blockchain?

FLO Blockchain ($FLO), is a cryptocurrency based on the Bitcoin and Litecoin source code. It’s a scrypt proof-of-work mineable coin which introduces a brand...

Improve Your Online Privacy and Security with One Click

An identity is stolen every three minutes, and many people don’t realize they have become a victim of Internet fraud until they suffer a...

This Startup Will Let Developers Earn More While Making Ads Less Intrusive

Swiss blockchain startup Vreo is developing an in-game advertising platform which could prevent ad blocking and ad fraud from making a dent in the...

Go Long or Short Bitcoin Using USDC On Delta Exchange

Cryptocurrency derivatives marketplace, Delta Exchange has launched the World’s first stablecoin-settled futures on bitcoin and leading altcoins. With the days of one way up moves...
EchoLink logo

Company Develops Blockchain Service For Automatic Checks of Data Validity

A new company develops blockchain-driven EkoLink Service, which allows a specialist to purportedly prove the authenticity of certificates about education, and verify job experience....

Press Releases

connectcoin xcon

Connect Marketplace to Revolutionize E-Commerce Industry

Cryptocurrency International Tanzania limited (CITL), the private limited liability company is planning to revolutionize the e-commerce industry with the launch of its innovative products....

On.Live Is Pleased to Announce That ONL Token Holders Can Now Use Bitgo’s Industry-Leading...

BitGo is the market leader in digital asset financial services providing security, compliance, custodial, liquidity solutions for institutional investors. BitGo is the world’s largest...

Fasttoken Makes State Channel Codes Public

Many popular blockchains, including Ethereum, are trying to tackle the problem of scaling as their network rapidly expands. One of the various approaches proposed...
tradeio valentines

Love trading? 5 BTC Up for Grabs

St. Valentine of is giving away Bitcoin in a competition that’s sure to sweep you off your feet! For all those who are...

Bolenum Project Announces the Launch of the Bolenum Exchange Platform

The Bolenum project, the African blockchain project focused on adoption of cryptocurrency in the African continent has announced the launching of its beta crypto...


end of the road

Is This the End of Crypto?

Bitcoin’s tumbled to a 15-month low. Ethereum is circling the drain. Despite announcements of a Swiss ETP, more regulated bitcoin futures in Q1, a...
bear market bitcoin

Bitcoin Sinks Below $3,200 as Teenage Bitcoin Millionaire Says Its Dead

It's yet another dark day for Bitcoin. In fact, it's the darkest one this year. The currency has once again set a new low...
making money cryptocurrency

Making $2,000 a Month With Cryptocurrency – Arbitrage Preparations

A lot of people want to make money with cryptocurrency. There are numerous ways of doing so, although using a combination of different methods...
bitcoin price down

Why Has Bitcoin Price Fallen so Much?

It has become painfully obvious all cryptocurrencies are going through a very rough period. This trend will not necessarily change anytime soon either, which...

Top 7 Cryptocurrency Predictions for 2019

Some days it feels like it’s all bad news for crypto. When the Federal Bureau says it’s not even a blip on the radar,...