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Is ETH worth investing in?

Ethereum is a decentralized, open-source technology that powers much of the crypto-verse. Everything from DeFi applications and NFTs to enterprise solutions rely on Ethereum’s technology. While early cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, mainly acted as globally transferable stores of value, Ethereum has far more uses. The leading cryptocurrency on the Ethereum network, […]

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What You Need to Know About Automated Bitcoin Trading

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency by community support, asset value, and trading volume. This has made many investors interested in its trading. However, like other cryptocurrencies, its volatility can be a challenging issue to overcome, especially as a beginner trader. Many even consider Bitcoin the first Decentralized Autonomous Organization […]

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What are NuChains?

Nuchains are the diverse individual layer-1 blockchains that run in parallel on the Nugenesis Network and are secured by its sovereign consensus and validator set. The key to NuGenesis scalable multichain Network, NuChains share in and benefit from the network infrastructure including and not limited to the Ledgerx.exchange, launch pads, […]

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Are Bitcoin Casinos Better Than Regular Ones?

Frankly, online casino players are faced with choosing bitcoin casinos and regular casinos. However, it appears that not too many players understand how bitcoin casinos work. Therefore, the easiest pick is the regular online casino.  The underlying truth is that bitcoin and regular casinos are good, but a few differences […]

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How to Secure Your Network

Over time, we are exposed to the dangers that are entirely new and unknown for us. The way we work is different today, we are so bound to technologies among which the internet connection ranks on the first. These days, everything from ordering food to booking a cab is being […]

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What is SoloGenic?

Several weeks ago, it became apparent that the CoinField exchange was working on a Ripple-related project. Despite a lot of mystery surrounding the project, more information has come to light in the past day. The project is known as Sologenic, and will potentially introduce a new wave of stablecoins in […]