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Binance Announces Listing Of $RON Token With Seed Tag Applied

Binance has officially declared the listing of $RON token, with preparations underway since the token collection on January 26th. As of now, the Binance hot wallet 0xb32…bAFA3 contains 432,000 RON, valuing at $1.21 million. Bingo😉币安官宣上 $RON 啦,01.26 的代币归集果然是在为上币做准备 目前 #Binance 热钱包 0xb32…bAFA3 已持有 43.2 万枚 RON,价值 121 万美金,地址传送门 👉 https://t.co/hZ4NJxSv6h […]

Crypto, News

XRP Gets Relisted On Cex.io Following Two-Year Of Absence Due To Legal Troubles 

Ripple’s XRP has made a triumphant return to the United States cryptocurrency market through the centralized exchange Cex.io. Of course, this marks the conclusion of a two-year absence since several significant exchanges, including Coinbase and Kraken, delisted XRP.  These delistings happened due to legal concerns coming from a lawsuit filed […]