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XRP Gets Relisted On Following Two-Year Of Absence Due To Legal Troubles 

Ripple’s XRP has made a triumphant return to the United States cryptocurrency market through the centralized exchange Of course, this marks the conclusion of a two-year absence since several significant exchanges, including Coinbase and Kraken, delisted XRP. 

These delistings happened due to legal concerns coming from a lawsuit filed by the SEC against Ripple in late 2020. This particular lawsuit has lingered for a long period of time as seen over the years. Although, the Xrp community has scored a major victory against the SEC recently which resulted in massive attention from traders and investors to Xrp. 

The relisting of XRP on signifies a positive turn for the cryptocurrency. Especially, following a significant decision by Judge Analisa Torres which has a massive impact on the Ripple XRP space. Furthermore, the legal clearness by this decision has also prompted various exchanges to reconsider their stance on XRP. This has resulted in several relisting announcements from top exchanges. 

Cex_io Users Can Now Trade XRP

Consequently, users on, especially those in the United States, now have access to engage in trading activities involving XRP. This will include buying, selling, converting, and withdrawing inside the exchange’s platform. It’s important to mention that the decision to relist XRP is attributed to the exchange’s vision to satisfy the needs of its U.S.- based clients. This is because since the lawsuit, many US crypto users were restricted from making investments in the cryptocurrency but that’s currently changing very fast. 

Notably, this move comes when XRP has recorded a noteworthy massive 69% increase in value throughout the year. Of course, further improving the allure of the cryptocurrency. So, has now joined the ranks of exchanges in 2023 that have selected to relist XRP. This is showing a remarkable renewed confidence in the legal standing and regulatory clearness surrounding the digital asset. Also, it gives holders, traders and investors the confidence to engage more with the asset. 

To conclude, as XRP resumes trading on, users and the crypto community are closely watching what will be the likely outcome of this move. Also, and the continued resurgence of Ripple’s native token.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any service.

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