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Solana’s SLERF Token Witnesses Dramatic Price Surge and Subsequent Plummet

Solana’s SLERF token experienced a whirlwind of activity, characterized by a rapid price surge followed by a steep decline, leaving investors and traders reeling from the volatility. According to on-chain reports from Lookonchain, an address identified as 5Jha8h…jmbzxd entered the market with a bold move, purchasing 69.74 million SLERF tokens […]

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Baby Doge Coin On Burning Frenzy, Over $387,953.63 Burned In The Last Month

Baby Doge Coin’s burning frenzy and deflationary design aim to create scarcity and potentially drive up its value over time. By burning a significant portion of their supply (approximately 49.146%), the cryptocurrency’s developers have demonstrated a commitment to reducing the total circulating coins, which could lead to increased demand and […]