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BITCOIN PRICE ANALYSIS & PREDICTION (December 30) – BTC Trades Sideways Amid Low Volatility, Where Is It Heading Next? 

Bitcoin continued to suspend bullish to a sideway trend. Although it currently looks weak following a 1% loss in the past hour. It appeared to be gathering momentum for a big price movement. Since the price fell from $44,700 earlier this month, Bitcoin’s price has been moving sideways due to […]

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IOTA Network Unveils LayerZero Cross-Chain Messaging Tech, Price Hits 6% Increase

IOTA Network’s ShimmerEVM has unveiled plans to incorporate LayerZero’s cross-chain messaging technology, enabling users to engage and transact seamlessly across multiple networks. Shimmer, situated within the IOTA ecosystem, serves as a blockchain platform granting developers access to unique features for creating and launching decentralized apps (dApps). ShimmerEVM, the platform’s layer […]

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Tellor’s $TRB Shows Resilience with Impressive Recovery To $165 After Recent Volatility

Tellor ($TRB) has recently demonstrated notable price action, signaling heightened buyer engagement and the potential for new highs. The cryptocurrency surged above $80, reaching an impressive $165. However, a sudden decline took place on December 20, as TRB’s price sharply dropped from over $160 to $125. This decline triggered a […]

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Solana’s $SOL Remarkable 14% Surge Propels It Beyond XRP In Market Cap, As It Takes The 5th Position Ahead Of Ripple’s XRP

Solana has emerged as one of the standout performers in the cryptocurrency market, showcasing an impressive surge of over 14% in the last 24 hours. Notably, Solana has achieved a new yearly high, reaching $86.54. What’s even more noteworthy is that Solana has successfully surpassed Ripple’s XRP token in market […]

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Hedera Hashgraph ($HBAR) Hits 13% Price Increase Following Exciting Collaboration

Hedera Hashgraph $HBAR, recognized as the most utilized and sustainable enterprise-grade public network in the decentralized economy, offers a platform for individuals and businesses to create robust decentralized applications (DApps). Setting itself apart, Hedera aims to establish a fairer and more efficient system, overcoming limitations commonly found in older blockchain […]

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Bitcoin Inscriptions Trigger Surge In Arbitrum Network Fees

The recent surge in Ordinals inscriptions, not limited to Bitcoin alone, has sent shockwaves through various blockchain networks, notably impacting Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) chains with a significant increase in gas spending during the weekend. Bitcoin’s inscription phenomenon has posed a unique set of challenges, and its repercussions have extended […]

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Ethereum Whales Show Strong Accumulation With Over 100,000 $ETH Bought Amid The Recent Minor Price Dip

Over the recent months, Ethereum has demonstrated a consistent upward trajectory, surpassing the $2,000 mark after starting below $1,000. However, for investors seeking nuanced insights, delving into sentiment analysis of futures markets unveils noteworthy trends. While the price of Ethereum has experienced a positive trend, the simultaneous rise in open […]

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Altcoins Make Swift Comeback Following Crypto Market Dip – Keep An Eye On $SOL, $DOGE, And Memecoins

In the aftermath of the recent downturn in the crypto market, altcoins are swiftly rebounding, displaying resilience that is particularly evident in the performance of #Solana. The standout surge beyond $71 sets Solana apart from its counterparts, marking a significant positive shift in sentiment. Nonetheless, market analysts suggest that a […]

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Optimism Has Spiked To 8-Month High At $2.188 As Kraken Introduces USDT On OP Mainnet

Optimism has experienced a significant surge, reaching an 8-month high at $2.188, following Kraken’s announcement of Tether $USDT deposits and withdrawals now being available on Optimism through their platform. 👀 Kraken unleashing USDT on OP Mainnet https://t.co/CoJAkzZhRd — Optimism (✨🔴_🔴✨) (@optimismFND) December 7, 2023 The native governance token for Optimism, […]

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Chainlink Gains Momentum As Binance Funding Rate Tilts Favorably With Over 50% Spike In Trading Volume 

Chainlink, the decentralized oracle network, is experiencing a positive shift in its Binance funding rate, predominantly favoring long positions. This development, reaching the highest level in four weeks, coincides with Chainlink’s surge in value, surpassing the $16 threshold and advancing toward $20 with minimal resistance, according to insights from market […]

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Ethereum Achieves 18-Month High At $2,380 Amidst Whales’ Divergent Moves

Ethereum has reached an impressive milestone, surging to its highest level in 18 months and securing a position at $2,380. The latest trends in whale wallet activities shed light on intriguing dynamics within the Ethereum market, indicating potential for sustained growth. Insights from market intelligence platform Santiment reveal a noteworthy […]