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Top 5 Crypto Options Exchanges

As the world of cryptocurrency trading keeps growing, it’s natural to see different types of crypto exchanges popping up here and there. Top crypto exchanges nowadays can even have more than $1 billion USD daily trading volume. There are multiple reasons for this enormous growth, such as institutional money that […]

btc trading strategies

Trading Made Easy For Newbies

Trade has been the mode of exchange since time immemorial. In the past, people traded goods for goods or goods for services. But today, all that has changed because of currency. Today, we use cash to purchase, buy, or sell both products and services. Even tokens of appreciation like bride […]


Top 8 Decentralized Exchanges in 2019

In the cryptocurrency world, there are many different ways to obtain and trade cryptocurrencies. As more time progresses, there is a growing focus on decentralized exchanges and trading platforms. It would appear the following companies are making a meaningful impact in this regard. Despite the growing popularity, users are still […]

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Top 4 Ways to buy XRP in 2019

As the year 2019 trucks along, it seems likely the current price trend will attract new holders and investors over time. For fans of Ripple’s asset, being able to buy XRP in a quick and convenient manner will be a top priority. The following trading platforms can all suit this need, […]