Tesla is Building a Coronavirus Ventilator Prototype With Model 3 Parts

Technology companies around the world are shifting their business model to accommodate the needs of the medical sector. Everyone has their part to play during the coronavirus crisis, including the likes of Tesla.

Most people are familiar with Tesla because of its popular cars.

Tesla Repurposes Model 3 Parts for Ventilators

During times such as the current coronavirus pandemic, demand for new cards has decreased significantly.

Rather than shutting down all manufacturing plants, Tesla is taking a different approach.

The company is now working on a coronavirus ventilator prototype.

Demand for ventilators to cope with coronavirus cases has spiked dramatically.

What makes this prototype so interesting is how it makes use of some parts of the Tesla Model 3 car.

Multiple components used to build these cars can have other use cases as well.

There is a fine line between hospital-grade components and the equipment required to build cars.

Under the hood of the ventilator, the Model 3 infotainment system is crucial.

This touchscreen acts as a user interface to monitor valves controlling the flow of the gases inside the ventilator.

It is a very prominent venture by Tesla, and one that shows why technology giants are crucial during these times of need.

Other companies are doing their part to ensure this pandemic can be kept under control.

Image(s): Shutterstock.com

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