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The Anti_BitcoinSV subReddit Attracts Some Attention

There has been a fair bit of hostility toward Bitcoin SV since its inception. That momentum will only intensify now that the anti_bitcoinSV subreddit has been created.

Anyone in the world can create their own subReddit in an effort to spread a message.

Welcome to Anti_BitcoinSV

Whether that message is a personal hate toward something or a genuine debunking process, differs greatly.

In the case of anti_bitcoinSV, it seems fairly obvious what the ultimate objective will be. 

This new subReddit is designed specifically for critical and negative discussions of Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision.

There is nothing wrong with this approach, yet it can create a slightly skewed conversation.

That being said, it is sometimes difficult to express a critical opinion on a project’s own Reddit page.

This is particularly true where all of the forked versions of Bitcoin are concerned these days.

The new subReddit already has 12 registered members, indicating there are a lot of people interested in seeing where this goes next. 

The subReddit already has a fair few posts in it, not all of them have something to do with Bitcoin SV, by the look of things.

It remains to be seen how that particular situation will unfold as more time progresses.

The rules seemingly aren’t restricted too severely right now, albeit those looking for a critical debate on BSV might have to wait just a little bit longer. 


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