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BlockDAG Dev 60 Boosts Explorer Data Retrieval

BlockDAG Rolls Out Dev Release 60: Explorer Boosts Data Retrieval with Over 8285 Miners Sold in Historic Sale

BlockDAG’s 60th Development Release highlights its technological edge, upgrading the BlockDAG Explorer to boost data retrieval capabilities. This enhancement ensures a clearer, more open view of blockchain activities, redefining user interaction standards. Alongside these technical upgrades, BlockDAG’s vibrant marketing strategies have skyrocketed the presale. With more than 8285 miners sold, BlockDAG has raked in substantial revenue, demonstrating its pioneering status in the blockchain realm.

BlockDAG’s Presale Excels with $2M Giveaway Excitement

BlockDAG’s marketing initiatives mirror the impact of their X1 Mobile Miner app, igniting global interest that surpasses borders with influencer partnerships and community outreach. The BlockDAG campaign thrives on educational content, participatory events, and tailored interactions, cultivating a dedicated base that fully supports its vision. Major endorsements from giants like Cointelegraph, Forbes, and Bloomberg have expanded BlockDAG’s footprint, creating market tremors and sparking a crypto excitement. This commitment to the project is highlighted by their offer to distribute $2 million among 50 early adopters, pulling in over 84,000 participants with 45 days to go.

Enthusiasts are diving into the BlockDAG Network, performing activities and collecting extra entries to boost their chances of winning. By requiring a minimum $100 in BDAG coins, BlockDAG ensures that participants are genuinely engaged in the project’s success, thus amplifying the presale’s energy. As a result, the ongoing presale has achieved impressive outcomes, with BlockDAG amassing $55.2 million as Batch 19 continues at a coin price of $0.014. This excitement has fueled the sale of over 8285 miners, generating upwards of $3.5 million in revenue.

Dev Release 60: BlockDAG Refines Explorer

BlockDAG’s Dev Release 60 demonstrates significant progress on the platform with a crucial update to the BlockDAG Explorer. The team has upgraded the backend’s data retrieval functions, enabling a more intricate portrayal of blockchain operations directly to users. This revision elevates the BlockDAG Explorer to match top blockchain explorers by providing deep transaction, contract, and block insights, ultimately refining user engagement with more accessible and richer data.

The enhanced explorer employs varied methods for data collection including blocks, transactions, event logs, and account details. Specific methods such as ‘getBlocks’, ‘getTransactions’, ‘getLogs’, and ‘getAccountInfo’ are used, ensuring wide-ranging and detailed insights. This organized method improves data collection and presents a structured view of the blockchain’s workings, enhancing transparency and user interaction.

Simultaneously, significant advancements are underway with the X1 Miner Application’s bug bounty program, now in its second phase. Early findings include several critical bugs from UI glitches to performance setbacks, guiding the team in refining the application to optimize performance, boost stability, and enhance the interface.

The BlockDAG team is committed to meticulous testing and validation to guarantee the accuracy and dependability of data within the explorer. They are also incorporating user input to adjust both the explorer and the mobile app functionalities.

Final Verdict

BlockDAG’s ambition is vividly displayed in its 60th Dev Release, boosting the BlockDAG Explorer’s data retrieval functions. These enhancements lift the user experience and significantly push the presale drive forward. As Batch 19 culminates with $55.2 million in proceeds, over 8285 miners have been sold, emphasizing the dynamic market response. Investor trust is climbing due to BlockDAG’s innovative approach and its transformative effect on the crypto scene.

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