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The Crypto Bull Market is Here – Analysts Pick Polygon, Dogecoin, and Bitcoin Spark As Assets To Hold

Crypto market analysts and experts, including at Morgan Stanley have confirmed the end of the bear market. Now in the early stages of the bull market, Dogecoin, Polygon, and Bitcoin Spark have been selected as must-have assets for every investor. Read on to find out why these assets are worth holding.

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Crypto Kaleo Has Predicted a Steep Price Rally for Dogecoin

Dogecoin (DOGE) hasn’t been a stellar performer in 2023, gaining only 6% year to date. However, a top crypto analyst, Kaleo, has picked DOGE as a must-have asset. According to his Dogecoin prediction, a steep rally is around the corner for the meme coin.

He stated that the price movement of Dogecoin will eventually follow other top-performing altcoins. However, he believes that a short-term consolidation may be experienced. This would not affect the long-term price performance of Dogecoin.

A steep upside rally should be expected after a few “boring days.” Kaleo supported his bullish Dogecoin price prediction by showing a DOGE/BTC pair break out. Based on his price forecast, the Dogecoin price will soar to as high as $0.19 – an increase of more than 160%.

Famous Crypto Analyst Has Called a Massive Polygon (MATIC) Gains

The pseudonymous analyst Dave the Wave, who predicted the 2021 crypto market crash, has called a massive price rally for Polygon (MATIC). Dave shared a logarithmic growth curve (LGC) chart to back up his claims of a massive Polygon price rise.

Based on his analysis, the MATIC price could increase by more than 200% from its current value. He explained that the price of Polygon has broken out against Bitcoin and would see a massive uptrend as a result. His Polygon price prediction is based on the altcoin repeating a bullish pattern last seen in 2021.

Based on his MATIC price prediction, the coin will reach a high of over $2.25 in the coming weeks. Other events that could fuel this rally include the ongoing network transformation of Polygon. As Polygon 2.0 gets closer to completion, MATIC will be replaced by a new POL token. This network activity could drive a price increase.

Bitcoin Spark Could Dominate the Altcoin Rally

Bitcoin Spark has been chosen as one of the best cryptos to buy for the bull market because of its innovation. The project has recognized flaws in the Bitcoin blockchain and created a network to address them, Bitcoin Spark.

Bitcoin Spark innovatively fuses Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanisms to create a unique Proof-of-Proces (PoP) model. Bitcoin Spark has combined the best features of both mechanisms to create a faster, more secure, efficient, and sustainable blockchain.

Another Bitcoin flaw that has been solved is the lack of smart contracts support. On the Bitcoin Spark network, developers can build and deploy dApps and DAOs. Because of the dependability of the Bitcoin original codes, the Bitcoin Spark network has the capacity to support one of the biggest DeFi ecosystems.

Bitcoin Spark’s potential has convinced new and veteran crypto investors that it could be at the top of the next bull run. Some analysts have set a price target of $50 for its native BTCS token. Meanwhile, investors have a great opportunity to join Bitcoin Spark’s tenth presale stage, where BTCS trades at $3.75 per token.

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