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The Crypto Investments To Keep Ahead Of The Pack: SmarterWorx, Fantom, And Uniswap

In 2021, the S&P 500 more than doubled the average annual returns for investors compared to the past four decades. However, that achievement paled compared to crypto markets, which made some people instant millionaires.

While many of those gains have since been wiped out, the crypto sector remains a viable investment. The crypto markets have been known to experience dips before. After every dip, there comes a bull run. Instead of waiting until the Bull Run is already set, one can find assets that show great promise early on. Here are some of the most promising projects during the crypto winter.


While there are many promising projects in the crypto world, none comes close to the potential of the SmarterWorx project. It is designed as a platform that combines art and crypto. The goal is to create a crypto coin with real-world use cases supported by a growing art portfolio.

SmarterWorx uses an innovative technique to counter the volatility of the crypto sector. The project holds a collection of contemporary art, coupled with NFTs one on one, to achieve this goal. The result is that the ARTX will have a stable floor price. This project aims to create a token that will last for generations while increasing value and rewarding its long-term participants.

The community is at the heart of all SmarterWorx activities. To keep the community excited, SmarterWork will reward them for holding ARTX tokens via staking rewards. Additionally, royalty fees will be distributed fairly from the sale of NFTs.

Understanding the SmarterWorx Ecosystem

From the start, 5% of all ARTX tokens will be sent to a treasury fund wallet. A percentage of funds raised at the presale will be added to this wallet. The treasury fund will be dedicated to purchasing unique and undervalued art that shows great potential. The art collection will act as support for the ARTX token floor price.

Once ARTX is launched, all buy and sale taxes will be sent to the Treasury wallet, ensuring the art collection will continue growing. In essence, the ARTX token holders that trade in them will help grow the diverse art collection. A team of expert researchers will curate the collection.

When an art piece is sold for a profit, the initial amount from the sale, plus 50% of the profit, will be plowed into the treasury fund. The remaining amount will go to a burn wallet to reduce the supply of ARTX tokens, helping to stabilize the price by reducing supply.


Fantom is a smart contract platform that provides a robust environment to develop DApps. It works like Ethereum and is planned to be a better version. Fantom features a unique architecture designed to resolve the blockchain trilemma by balancing security, scalability, and decentralization. Its unique value proposition has thus far garnered massive interest from the masses.


Uniswap is a decentralized exchange, or DEX, built on the Ethereum network. Since its launch, it has changed how DEXs work. At some point, it was processing more transactions in volume and value compared to some of the biggest exchanges in the world. Its UNI tokens remain popular with investors.


All of these projects have shown real potential for greatness. However, ARTX tokens are generating a unique buzz amongst crypto enthusiasts. Since the project is still in the formative stages, it holds a higher chance for bigger profits than others.

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