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The Old Smart Traders Return To Trade $APU

$APU, a popular meme coin, has seen a resurgence of interest from seasoned traders, signaling a potential bullish trend.

Today, all three key indicators in the Overview section of icrypto show signs of increased balance, marking $APU as “Accumulated by Smart Money” and “Hot Social.”

One noteworthy trader, linked to wallet 0x16ad4, who had been inactive with $APU for over a month, recently re-entered the market. Seven hours ago, this trader purchased $40K worth of $APU near its current price. Historically, this trader has profited significantly from $APU, amassing $128.9K with a 61.84% profit margin.

Similarly, another seasoned trader, associated with wallet 0xfefea, has also resumed trading $APU after a three-month hiatus. Eleven hours ago, this trader invested $30K in $APU. This individual has a track record of profitable trades with $APU, having previously made $70.54K, yielding a 135.42% profit.

$APU Price Action Following Recent Happenings 

These activities have had a notable impact on the coin’s market performance. $APU is currently up by 19% today, reflecting increased investor confidence and heightened market activity. The renewed interest from these experienced traders suggests that $APU might be poised for further gains, drawing attention from the broader trading community.

The resurgence of smart money into $APU, coupled with its hot social media presence, underscores the potential for significant upward movement.

Investors and traders are closely watching these developments, anticipating that $APU could continue to climb as more seasoned traders re-enter the market. The combination of strategic accumulation and social buzz creates an optimistic outlook for $APU in the near term.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any stocks.

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