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The US Needs to Step up its Novel Coronavirus Testing

Preventing the novel coronavirus from spreading further remains an ongoing challenge. Testing for the virus, especially in the US, is still a topic of substantial debate, even today.

It is pertinent to perform ample novel coronavirus tests when people show potential symptoms.

No Novel Coronavirus Improvements in Sight

That is often easier said than done, particularly in the US.

A lot of people wonder how major sports franchises can test all players, whereas regular individuals can’t undergo the same treatment.

There appears to be a genuine lack of quick and easily accessible COVID-19 testing solutions.

One also has to keep in mind that President Trump claimed the country was “prepared for everything”, which is clearly not the case.

Speeding up access to test kits needs to be a top priority right now.

Manufacturers such as Roche are doing whatever they can to play their role in this regard.

It is also expected that another 500,000 tests will become available starting next week.

As promising as that may seem, one has to keep in mind that these measures should have been in place weeks ago.

Even with more tests, the real problems have yet to begin.

Tracking the virus is one thing, but identifying it and providing proper treatment is something else.

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