Top 3 Aptos Ecosystem Tokens To Watch In February 2023

The projects behind the Aptos Ecosystem Tokens are dedicated to creating products and applications on the Aptos blockchain that will transform the web3 user experience. Aptos Ecosystem Tokens has a total market capitalization of $2,042,951,852 and a total trading volume of $781,592,502 in the last 24 hours.

Note: This list is in no particular order.

Aptoge (APTOGE)

  • Price Unit: $0.3853
  • Distinct Features: The team is dedicated to delivering a number of fresh DeFi applications to Aptos that are well-liked on EVM chains.

The meme-loving Aptos chain community are represented by the Aptoge token. Aptoge is working to produce a variety of DeFi utilities for the Aptos chain; they have already developed the first chain-specific purchase and price bots for Telegram and are now creating a liquidity locker and NFT collection!

The community of meme enthusiasts that develops within the Aptos chain is what Aptoge intends to support. Aptoge will develop with the Aptos blockchain, enhancing brand and community value at every level as it continues to chart new usage levels.

Aptoge intends to be the go-to DeFi destination on the Aptos chain by delivering a meme-loving community and DeFI services that investors are accustomed to and enjoy on other chains.

Exchange: $APTOGE is currently trading live on Liquidswap.

AptosLaunch Token (ALT)

  • Price Unit: $0.06417
  • Distinct Features: Aptos web 3.0 economy is powered by  the community-driven launchpad, giving cryptocurrency initiatives access to liquidity on the most secure and scalable layer 1 blockchain.

The first decentralized launchpad on the well-known Aptos Network is called AptosLaunch.  The main goal of AptosLaunch is to provide project owners with the resources they require as Aptos constructs the most secure and scalable Layer 1 blockchain.

Every day, AptosLaunch provides top-notch solutions to Aptos and our community by providing: 

  • Access to the top-tier token and NFT initiatives before they go public.
  • Innovative passive income mechanism that maximizes yield for long-term holders.
  • Industry-leading incubation for early-stage enterprises.
  • Customizable staking incentives with flexible lengths and
  • Support for innovation and marketing.

Exchange: $ALT is currently trading live on DigiFinex, KuCoin, and MEXC.

Abel finance (ABEL)

  • Price Unit: $0.1621
  • Distinct Features: Producing additional revenue, excess liquidity is frequently invested in capital pools, including compound ones.

According to its definition, Abel Finance is the First Cross-Chain Lending Platform Built on Aptos and Sui.

Its visions include the following:

  • Encourage the use of diversified secured assets, such as NFT and AMM LP Coin, etc.
  • Instead of destroying LP in order to obtain liquidity, LP Coin holders can lend other Coin by pledge LP.
  • Gives coin holders the option to mine.
  • Holders of a single currency can use Supply Coin, which gives out airdrop prizes, to get interest income and liquidity.
  • Cross-chain lending allows for the quick transfer of many chains of assets.

The team expects that Abel Finance will be a fully independent community project, thus this is more of a to-do list with stages rather than a timeframe.

Exchange: $ABEL is currently trading live on DigiFinex, and BitMart.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any services.

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