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Top 3 Binance Launchpad Tokens Below $60M Market Cap To Watch In February 2023

Binance Launchpad is a special platform that gives users early access to exciting new crypto assets from numerous projects and promotes awareness and adoption of these projects. Binance Launchpad Tokens has a total market capitalization of $19,868,257,256 and a total trading volume of $2,021,056,652 in the last 24 hours.

Note: This List is sorted by their market capitalization from lowest to highest


  • Price Unit: $0.003314
  • Market Cap: $27,667,415
  • Distinct Features: Troy token serves as an incentive for brokers and rewards brokers who support a worldwide ecosystem.

Global prime broker Troy Trade specializes in asset management and cryptocurrency trading. With items including spot and margin trading, derivatives, data, custody, lending, and staking all in one account, it offers cryptocurrency brokerage services to institutional clients and expert traders.

In this organic network, the TROY Token serves as the unit of exchange. It offers workload rewards to Relayer networks to promote prompt and accurate updating, broadcasting, and synchronizing orders.

Additionally, it works as a relay medium for the in-ring matching of unusual token trade pairs and as the trading fee unit when users access the trading and settlement functionalities. TROY enhances users’ decision-making with a complex data matrix structure that includes blockchain data and market data.

Exchange: TROY is currently trading live on Binance, Bitrue, SuperEx,, and XT.COM.

League of Kingdoms Arena (LOKA)

  • Price Unit: $0.7067
  • Market Cap: $52,357,039
  • Distinct Features: To ensure an equitable distribution of power and wealth throughout the community, the platform intends to decentralize to the DAO eventually.

League of Kingdoms (LOKA) is a blockchain-based multiplayer online strategy game. League of Kingdoms, as a play-to-earn environment, allows players to earn real money through in-game action

During gaming, users can establish kingdoms, raise armies, form alliances, and compete for power and money on the battlefields. The game has modes for player-versus-environment (PvE), player-versus-player (PvP), and party-play (MMO).

League of Kingdoms (LOKA), which features a play-to-earn economy and a range of in-game content and gaming styles, appeals to both crypto fanatics and casual players.

Exchange: LOKA is currently trading live on Binance, BTCEX, Bitget, Bitrue, and CoinTiger.

Toko Token (TKO)

  • Price Unit: $0.3697
  • Market Cap: $59,170,335
  • Distinct Features: The Tokocrypto platform uses the decentralized capabilities of blockchain to foster new business prospects and community growth, enabling Indonesians to participate in a contemporary global financial system.

Tokocrypto was established in September 2018, and by November of the same year, it had become the first organization recognized by Indonesia’s Commodities Futures Trading Regulatory Agency (BAPPEBTI). TKO is the first cryptocurrency in Indonesia to provide a distinctive hybrid token mechanism.

On the Tokocrypto blockchain, the token can be used for a variety of things, including crypto exchanges, cross-platform DeFi apps, deposit and savings programs, and NFT marketplaces.

The Toko Token and Tokocrypto aim to introduce ground-breaking technology to Indonesian finance. Tokocypto introduces decentralized finance (DeFi) to the general public in Indonesia as the first startup to use blockchain technology and hybrid token functionality in a single platform.

The platform provides a wide range of functionalities to serve an expanding consumer base.

Exchange: TKO is currently trading live on Binance, Bitrue, SuperEx, Tapbit, and KuCoin.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any services.

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